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Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

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So after compiling over 170 awards for Uncharted 3, a GOTY edition was announced and I as the fan I am had to buy it xD.

This thread is basically an expression of love for Naughty Dog and their game: Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception.


Awards & Acclaim for Uncharted 3 : Drake's Deception in 2011 (174):

1.Spike Best PS3 Game

2.Spike Best Graphics

3.IGN Best PS3 Game

4.IGN Best PS3 Graphics

5.IGN Best PS3 Sound

6.CheatCC Game of the Year

7.CheatCC Best Action/Adventure

8.CheatCC Best Graphics

9.CheatCC Best Multiplayer

10.CheatCC Best Sound

11.CheatCC Best Male Character

12.RegHardware Game of the Year

13.VentureBeat Game of the Year

14.GamePro Best Male Performance

15.GamesRadar Fanboy Award Best PS3 Exclusive

16.GamesRadar "Cutscenes We Actually Want To Watch" Award

17.GamesRadar "BFF Best Sidekick Award (Sully)"
Play-Mag Game of the Year

19.PSU Best PS3 Exclusive

20.PSU Best Action/Adventure Game
Edge Best Visual Design

22.Mediakick Game of the Year

23.Mediakick Best PS3 Game

24.Mediakick Best Visuals

25.Mediakick Best Action/Adventure

26.GameTrailers Best Third-Person Shooter
OPM UK Game of the Year

28.ShopToNews Game of the Year

29.PSLifeStyle Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

30.PSLifeStyle Best PS3 Exclusive

31.LazyGamer Best PS3 Exclusive

32.GamingRevolution Best PS3 Exclusive

33.IGA Best Cinematography

34.Metacritic Best PS3 Exclusive

35.VGChartz Best PS3 Graphics

36.VGChartz Best PS3 Game (Only Readers Choice)
GoozerNation Game of the Year

38.GameTrailers Best Graphics

39.DigitalTrends Best PS3 Exclusive

40.PSUni Game of the Year (Peoples choice)

41.GameTrailers Best Platform Exclusive

42.GameTrailers Best Singleplayer Campaign

43.GameTrailers Best PS3 Game

44.GameTrailers Overall Game of the Year

45.GotGame Overall Game of the Year

46.GameSpot Best PS3 Game (Readers choice)

47.TheDarkPodcast Best Set Piece Moment

48.TheDarkPodcast Best 3D Graphics

49.TheDarkPodcast Best Graphics

50.TheDarkPodcast Best Story

51.TheDarkPodcast Best PS3 Exclusive

52.TheDarkPodcast Overall Game of the Year

53.1UP - Best Developer (Readers' Choice)

54.1UP - Best Narrative (Readers' Choice)

55.VGChartz Best Third-Person Shooter

56.VGChartz Best Third-Person Shooter (Readers choice)

57.VGChartz Best Graphics Technology

58.VGChartz Best Graphics Technology (Readers choice)

59.PushSqure Game of the Year

60.UGO Best PS3 Game

61.GameZone Best PS3 Game

62.GameZone Best Voice Acting

63.GameZone Best Graphics (Technical)

64.GameZone Best Story

65.NextGen.At Game of the Year

66.NGB Game of the Year (Readers choice)

67.BLORGE Game of the Year (Readers choice)

68.DailyEcho Game of the Year Game of the Year (Readers choice)

70.GameOver Game of the Year

71.MediaKick Game of the Year (Readers choice)

72.PushStartSelect Best Action

73.PushStartSelect Best PS3 Game

74.HollywoodChicago Game of the Year

75.GamersXtreme Best PS3 Exclusive

76.GamersXtreme Best Action/Adventure

77.GamersXtreme Best Voice Acting

78.GamersXtreme Best Soundtrack

79.GamersXtreme Game of the Year

80.IGN Best Developer (Readers choice)

81.IGN Best Action (Readers choice)

82.IGN Best Graphics

83.IGN Best Graphics (Readers choice)

84.IGN Best PS3 Sound (Readers choice)

85.IGN Best PS3 Graphics (Readers choice)

86.IGN Best PS3 Action/Adventure (Readers choice)

87.IGN Best PS3 Story (Readers choice)

88.IGN PS3 Game of the Year (Readers choice)

89.NeoGAF Action Game of the Year

90.NeoGAF Playstation 3 Game of the Year

91.OPM Best Action Game

92.OPM Most Compelling Character - Nathan Drake

93.PCMag Best PS3 Game

94.VideoGamesBlogger Game of the Year

95.Gamerrz Best PS3 Game

96.GamingPrecision Best PS3 Game

97.GamingPrecision Best Story

98.PSM3 Best Writing

99.PSM3 Overall Game of the Year

100.Nerdreactor Best Third-Person Shooter

101.Nerdreactor Best Graphics

102.Nerdreactor Best PS3 Game

103.Gamingunion Best PS3 Game

104.PSXextreme Best Graphics

105.PSXextreme Best Music

106.PSXextreme Best Action/Adventure

107.PSXextreme Game of the Year

108.PSXextreme Game of the Year (Reader's choice)

109.LetsEnjoyGaming Game of the Year

110.HookedGamers Best PS3 game

111.SportsIllustrated Game of the Year

112.Gamesthirst Game of the Year

113.Gamesthirst Best Action/Adventure

114.Machinima Best Game Cinematography

115.X-Play Best Human Perfomance by Nolan North

116.Lazygamer Best PS3 Game

117.DigitalTrends Best PS3 Game

118.Gameranks Best PS3 Game

119.1UP Best PS3 Game

120.eGamer Best PS3 Game

121.eGamer Best Action Adventure

122.eGamer Best PS3 Game (Reader's choice)

123.eGamer Best Action Adventure (Reader's choice)

124.TGN Best Story

125.TGN Best PS3 Game

126.Gameeffect Best PS3 Game (Reader's choice)
Gameeffect Best PS3 Game
Gameeffect Best Story (Reader's choice)

129.MEGamers Best Action Adventure (Reader's choice)

130.MEGamers Best Action Adventure

131.Examiner Adventure Game of the Year

132.Examiner PS3 Game of the Year

133.PXLbit PS3 Game of the Year

134.Reactiontime Best PS3 Game

135.Reactiontime Best Story

136.Reactiontime Best Action/Adventure

137.Gamercrush Best PS3 Game

138.Gogaminggiant PS3 Game of the Year

139.Capsulecomputers Best PS3 Game

140.Capsulecomputers Best Story

141.TGA Best Story

142.TGA Best Original Music

143.TGA Best Graphics

144.TGA Best Sound

145.TGA Best Singleplayer

146.TGA Best Action/Adventure

147.TGA Best PS3 Game

148.Gamercenteronline PS3 Exlusive of the Year
Ripten Best PS3 Exlusive

150.TheGameCast Best PS3 Game

151.TheGameCast Best Third Person Shooter

152.TheGameCast Game of the Year

153.AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Animation

154.AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction

155.AIAS Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering

156.DanisGameAwards Best Action Game

157.AustralianPSMag Best Technical Achievement

158.AustralianPSMag Game of the Year

159.Versussleep Game of the Year

160.MadGearSolid Game of the Year

161.EmptyLifeBar Best PS3 Game

162.GamerBrain Game of the Year

163.GameChronicles Best Writing/Story

164.GameChronicles Best Action/Adventure

165.GameChronicles Best Cinematic Visuals

166.GameChronicles Best Graphics

167.GameChronicles Best Music/Soundtrack

168.DarkStation Best PS3 Exclusive

169.DarkStation Best Graphics

170.DotPixelGames Game of the Year

171.WGA Videogame Writing Award to Amy Hennig for Uncharted 3

172.VentureBeat Game of the Year (Reader's Choice)

173.GamerTheoryMedia Best Graphics

174.Alternative Magazine Online Game of the Year


38 Overall Game of the Year awards.


After the release of UC3:


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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Sep 25, 2012

So I can see that you got the EU version of the GOTY edition.


Do the DLC packs come as a voucher code or are they on the disc? If they are on the disc, do they still install to the Game Data utility?


I'm thinking of getting the GOTY edition, but only if both me and my brother (who has the standard edition) can get the DLC on both our PS3's...

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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Sep 26, 2012

This game deserved it!

And by the time you're done reading this, you'll realize that this is just my sig
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Sep 28, 2012

I just bought the GOTY today, and as far as I can tell ( I have the U.S. version) the dlc is on the disc. The code included seems to just be an online pass because it wouldn't let me redeem it since I already had one. I wish they would clarify stuff like this.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Oct 9, 2012

I have a question about this GOTY version. I have the first edition of the game. Region free. Purchased in the USA. I've made a lot of progress in that version. Be the campaign, multiplayer and trophies. And I'm thinking of buying the GOTY edition. And also want to buy in the U.S. My question is whether the GOTY version, will recognize my progress made in the previous version. I mean, to put the GOTY edition, the game will recognize my progress in MP and campaign, and my trophies? I ask this because I do not want to have the misfortune to put the game on PS3, open a new list of trophies unnecessary. If someone can answer me these questions, I thank you.

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I Only Post Everything
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Oct 9, 2012

Haha I finally got my Silver Ring. It's the same one you see in the pictures, but its actually legitimate silver and looks amazing!



Your saves in MP and SP will carry over my friend, so will trophies. They are linked to your PSN and not version of the game Smiley Happy.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Oct 9, 2012

Thanks, man! Now I can buy the GOTY version without problems. Thanks for the clarification!

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First Son
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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Jan 14, 2013

My game of the year edition won't recognise any of my save data or trophies from my original version... Anyone know why not and what I can do about it? 

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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Jan 16, 2013

Is getting the GOTY worth it?????? Do all the map packs show up in rotation//????/ Robot Embarassed Smiley Mad

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Re: Game of the Year Edition AT LAST!

Jan 16, 2013

Aldro not one more post.

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