Jan 09 2013
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Future of the Series

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Everyone says they want Uncharted to end, for reasons like its reached its peak, they dont want the series to be dragged out too far, etc.  Am I the only one who doesnt want it to end?  I would love it to continue, and I think It can keep getting better. Thoughts?


And on I side note, who do we want to appear in 4? I want Drake (obvi), Elena, Sully, Chloe, and maybe Cutter Smiley Happy

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Re: Future of the Series

Jan 9, 2013

Personally, while I like the Uncharted series as a whole, it's already been done. We've seen four main games, and even some other content that enriches the story (or sidestories available). There's the card game and the downloadable movie showcase on the store, to be more specific. There has even been Uncharted spaces in Home to extend on the franchise's fanbase.


When you keep growing a franchise, while it might not go stale right away it might do so eventually. Even though Uncharted isn't a game that's been released every year, there has been one brought out about every two years. That's fine. After the main three I've said my good-byes to it. Not expecting Naughty Dog to go gluing things that shouldn't stick and not prepping another package that maybe shouldn't be solidified, I'd rather welcome new joys like The Last of Us to see where else they can go rather than travel the same journey they've been on for approximately six years.


Not to mention, if we're approaching a newer console life cycle very soon... wouldn't you rather they reveal an incredibly different franchise to slobber over? Something wonderfully unexpected? Something that may even go on to wipe out all those favorite memories you have with Nathan Drake?

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