Sep 18 2012
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Fall-ss over patched please take into account

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i have been a big fan of naughty dog ever since uncharted drake's fortune and i love uncharted its the best game ever in my oppinion but i want to talk about a concern regarding the fall-ss current performance. i have been a very big fan of the fall-ss ever since the first time i was level 50 and i agree that it was too good to compare to the other guns but in my oppinion all the patches for it have made it below average for the hardest gun to unlock. not many people use the fall-ss anymore this is because it doesn't perform like a level 50 gun anymore infact i have had a lot of experience with the fall-ss and i find it hard to compete with many other guns in a head to head against other players. i think that it will be fair if at least the recoil gets redused because all these patches to the fall-ss are leaving fall-ss fans very disapointed with its current performance and its not fair that they have to find alternate ways to play good just because many people dislike their favourite gun just because it used to be very competative.


Hope you take my concern into account thank you

best fan Goran


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Re: Fall-ss over patched please take into account

Sep 19, 2012

Thats what I said! Look at my comment titled Fal-ss ain't so glorious no more. I have found that the G-Mal and M9 seem overpowered compared to the Fal-ss, even though the G-Mal is a starter gun and the M9 is unlocked at only lv 9.


Glad you see it like me,



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