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Re: DLC Prompt at Login. **bleep**

Mar 1, 2010


jackattack1398 wrote:

TheBigGreenHoody wrote:
So, are we gonna have to put up with the "Hey we noticed you haven't bought the DLC yet, wanna go to the PSN?" message every single time we play MP until we actually purchase the DLC?  Cuz if we are, then I won't be going online so much.


i love how people keep trying to find excuses to not play the MP. 1st it was 1.05 and now this.


Hey, I love the MP, especially co-op.  I just think it unnecessary that we have to put up with an annoying pop-up encouraging us to buy their DLC.  We should only have to see it once, and that's it, not every single time we log into MP.


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