Nov 16 2011
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Caption it! The End

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Well, after a full year and 40 caption competitions, it's time to bring "Caption it!" to an end, at least for the time being anyway. Numbers of entries have been down of late, and personally, I'll be taking a break from the forums until early next year. I'll still be on PSN, so hopefully I'll see you guys there.


Thanks to everyone who entered over the last year. A big thanks to Curtainman1, who's awesome screenshots were used most weeks. And thanks to the mods for letting me do this every week. So, that's it, I guess. I'll leave you with all of the previous entries and winning captions. Eh, as always, have fun :smileywink:


Over and out.



Week 1


November 20, 2010



"So do I actually have one or did Naughty Dog not bother with making me one? Because if I do... that's a dirty, DIRTY animator"





"Dammit, why didn't anyone tell me my pants weren't zipped."






Week 2


November 27, 2010



"$hit, i told you guys this storage room wasn't private enough!"






Week 3


December 4, 2010









Week 4


December 12, 2010









Week 5


December 23, 2010



"When you asked me how much I could fit down my throat I didn't know you were talking about a shotgun..."





Week 6


December 31, 2010



"Damnit Elena i told you to turn the stove off before we left!!!"





Week 7


January 16, 2011



"Sleeping on the job are you Nate? T-BAG TIME!"





Week 8


February 15, 2011



"Mmm, I fancy some Flame-Grilled Pirate tonight. Do we have any Ketchup?"





Week 9


February 27, 2011



"Oh sweet, dear Drake, we've got to stop meeting like this. What would LadyPatience do if she found out about us?"





Week 10


March 15, 2011








Week 11


March 22, 2011



"I've told you once and I'll tell you again........ Get the hell off my lawn."





Week 12


March 29, 2011



"I KILL Y- ........... man it is really hard to think straight with this bullet lodged in my brai-......... Huh....what am I doing her-........... Hi i'm steve."





Week 13


April 5, 2011



"You win this round, gravity..."





Week 14


April 12, 2011



"You fell on your ass."
"Appreciate the update captain obvious."
"You're welcome Lieutenant Sarcasm."





Week 15


April 19, 2011



"This is for Tetram! Don't ever copy him again!"





Week 16


May 28, 2011



"I've heard of bad hair days, but this is ridiculous!!"




"It seemed, in this instance, that Chloe had bitten off more than she could chew."





Week 17


June 4, 2011



"Why oh why did I spawn right here?!"





Week 18


June 10, 2011



"Nate realizes that all that climbing and hanging has finally taken its toll on his arms."





Week 19


June 17, 2011



"Blaine: 'Roman?'
Roman: 'Yeah?'
Blaine: 'What are you doing?'
Roman: 'Practising for UC3's new buddy system.'
Blaine: 'What's that?'
Roman: 'It's cool. We share loads of things because Buddies are really close together. I can spawn off you, get you money and share ammo.'
Blaine: 'That's cool. Speaking of ammo, can you move your grenades, they're a little too close too... y'know.'
Roman: 'That's not a grenade. This is the Buddy System. Buddies are... close...'"





Week 20


June 24, 2011



"Lazaravic finally realises why the dentist tried to warn him for eating too much donuts..."





Week 21


July 1, 2011



"Helping one another strapping belts around each other's waists turned out to be a harder task than they ever imagined for the Donut Brothers."





Week 22


July 8, 2011



"I can pump faster than the try hard skin!!!"









Week 23


July 15, 2011



"Lazarevic: 'So did you carry him all this way from the temple? Shame......' (Unbuckles trousers)"





Week 24


July 22, 2011



"See, kids, this is why we DON'T take grandpa out for exercise anymore!"





Week 25


July 29, 2011



"Drake: 'I'll make you an offer: a doughnut for my life! So which do you choose: chocolate or jelly-filled?'
Lazaravic: 'THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION!' *SLAP and grabs the doughnuts*"





Week 26


August 5, 2011



"Now, I'm going to ask you again- where did you get that hat?!"




"After many years, the once huge Doughnut Drake now hunts for those who took his doughnuts from him.
This was the first victim."




"Now that i am pointing my gun at you i'm going to punch you."





Week 27


August 12, 2011



"Yes mom, I tried a ski mask. It helps but it doesn't cover the whole thing... Yeah they look at me kinda funny. This guy Tetram told me to try on his gas mask, and Zorskel and Dragan took the last helmets. Yeah, I hate it here mom. Can you come get me?"





Week 28


August 19, 2011



"'It seems that Prakoso'
*Puts on sunglasses*
'Just lost his head'"





Week 29


August 26, 2011



"Sully: 'I'm getting too old for this bullsh!t.'
Nate: 'Don't worry, when I take care of all this ear wax you'll be feeling 10 years younger!'"




"Wow Sully that botox is really paying off, I can't see a single wrinkle, even with this!!"




"Let's see if a journal will save you now Sully!!"





Week 30


September 2, 2011



"Hurts so good"





Week 31


September 9, 2011



"With little details of the Subway promotion and STILL no word on the Hammer Lab and 3x cash for UC2, Drake is struggling to find happiness in his life and has been on a serious case of depression."




"This is the look on Doughnut Drake's face when he realizes that everything he touches doesn't turn to doughnuts."





Week 32


September 16, 2011



"Really funny, guys. Now, where the hell did you put my hair dryer?!?"





Week 33


September 23, 2011



"Sev: 'Black Swan is my favorite movie.
Now ballet dance, or I'll shoot!'"





Week 34


September 30, 2011



"Drake: 'Hey look, I can lick my elbow!'
Other Guy: 'That's my elbow.'
Drake: 'Oh.'"





Week 35


October 7, 2011



"Drake: 'I'll save you Elena! Wow, Elena you are really light.'
Elena: 'Nate, I'm right here.'"





Week 36


October 14, 2011



"After a long night partying and while the others are trying to sleep through their hangover, there's always that one guy who can't take a hint and just wants to continue partying."





Week 37


October 21, 2011








Week 38


October 30, 2011



"SA can't help Skelzor avoid a plane."




Skeletons don't talk.





Week 39


November 6, 2011



"Drake: 'My spider senses are tingling.'"





Week 40


November 10, 2011



"Is it just me or am I happy to see you."




"Skinny Drake: 'Hey man, I only need one more treasure to unlock you. I heard you have an extra...'
Doughnut Drake: 'Yeah, just let me reach in and get it for you.'"




"Where do you think you're going? Hand over the doughnuts now!"




"Amazing what you can find under all those rolls of fat"



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= sad

Nov 16, 2011


LoughNessMonster wrote:

Over and out.


I guess nothing can last forever.

But thank you for all these weeks, thank you so much.


And week #1: the good old times, how I miss the those days...

"People say nothing is impossible.
But I do nothing everyday."
- Winnie the Pooh
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lolcaption it, the first one I made, was lolunoriginally...

Nov 17, 2011

lolcaption it, the first one I made, was lolunoriginally generic for a caption for a Eddy Raja pic.

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Well, I hope you have a great break and come back soon.:s...

Nov 17, 2011

Well, I hope you have a great break and come back soon.:smileyhappy:

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I enjoyed looking through all those images! Gonna be a sh...

Nov 19, 2011

I enjoyed looking through all those images!

Gonna be a shame to see it go, that's for sure. 

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Thanks for doing them each week and it's really great tha...

Nov 25, 2011
Thanks for doing them each week and it's really great that you've put them all together here

Enjoy your time off =)
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This was an amazing series, to say the least. I hope some...

Dec 3, 2011

This was an amazing series, to say the least. I hope somebody revives it (I might just do it myself, should Lough allow me). Maybe moving it to the UC3 forums would boost the activity.

Anyways, for one last Caption-It for all the posts:

Drake: Jesus, it's been a year already?!?

Doughnut L: Yeah, and I still can't find those freaking doughnuts.

Drake: Don't worry, they'll turn up someday. Hey, Skelzor, could you use your SA to look for 'em?

Skelzor: Why do you always say I'm using SA? Is it the glowing eyes or the fact that I'm the only one who can stand straight for more than three seconds?

Doughnut L: THIS IS NOT A NEGOTIATION! *blows off Skelzor's head*

Tenzin: *speaks Tibetan frantically*

Drake: Don't worry, he'll respawn in a few seconds.

Sully: Yeah, probably in front of somebody who likes fried skeleton, spawns the way the are.

Chloe: Quit your grumbling over there, Sully. You're still mad about the Hammers Lab, aren't you?

Elena: I still say 1.05 was worse.

*almost-unanimous agreement*

Drake: Come on, guys. We pulled through those things, and, hey, we got a shiny new sequel kicking around. Maybe our fun could last a bit longer.

Doughnut D: I'll eat to that!

Tetram: Yeah, and die of cardiac arrest.

Drake: Just shut it. Everything's gonna be fine.

Elena: Famous last words.

*Walk off into sunset*

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Dec 8, 2011


And by the time you're done reading this, you'll realize that this is just my sig
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