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Re: separate PTs and solo players

Jul 12, 2013
Yeah we're totally in agreement lol. Even earlier in the thread, we were in agreement. But at that point, the only difference between the two of us was that I didn't mind a certain something as much as him. Even tho we both agreed then too that it isn't right/fair.
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Re: separate PTs and solo players

Jul 14, 2013

Cherry_Ronde wrote:

Sometimes you get sucky teammate but you can win anyway. I had a noob that went 0-15 three matches in a row and the only kills he got were team kills. He killed me three times but I'm not even mad. Smiley Very Happy


I've said it before but I really think that splitscreen users should be banned from all modes except for co-op and TTDM. It's very common to see a splitscreen duo go 1-15/4-16 or similar and you need to have a least two beast players on the same team to make up for that.

Nope. Horrible idea. Splitscreeners contribute in the player pool, even if they suck.


If you don't like 'em, party up with competent players.
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