May 25 2013
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problems with leaderlist and facebook and freezing

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Since a few days I have a problem. I cant see my facebook friends anymore in the multiplayer. 

My facebook is connected since it does gives updates of trophies and or earned duplicated treasures.

But I dont see the list of my friends anymore, also not their pictures.

I tried to delete facebook and add it again but it still doesnt work.


I also cant access the leaderboards anymore. When i try to see the stats the page keeps on searching but

nothing happens.


Another problem, if i sign out of multiplayer my ps3 freezes. And if i close the game by using ps buttom end game

my ps3 turns off entirely (not the game only).


I have the NTSC game of the year edition.

Anyone else has these problems too? Or can give me an advice what to do ?

Game is brandnew, no scratches

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Re: problems with leaderlist and facebook and freezing

May 28, 2013
I have not been able to get into leaderboards for last few days either... Just keeps circling anyone help???
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