Dec 04 2012
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just another idea for competetive AND co-op

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you know the missions that we can do that requirs us to spent money to get money it is kinda lame so my idea is like this


what if some of the missions can reward you with diffrent coulers or patterns for you guns and clothes noe this would be for competitve and co op the co op missions would unlock only co op items and competitve missions only competetive items coulers would be any one



finish co op arena on crushing to unlock blue ak 47 (co op only) or red colours for drake

get 3 double downs for purple dragon sniper rifle( Comp only )



another idea would be if you aquire a certain amount of medals like 20 five not alives for white colour for drake


i know some people might not like the ideas but i personally would like to unlock something besides leveling yes we have the co op star and ....


that is it just the co op star what do you guys think please comment if you have any ideas aswell

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