Jan 21 2013
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help with deposit?

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i need help trying to level this up! can some of you guys add me so we can play the lab so you can help me with leving up deposit? it's really frustrating with randoms. I need 8 more, trying to level up & feel free to delete me aftet i get gold deposit xoxo
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Re: help with deposit?

Jan 21, 2013

Your best bet is Chain Reation.


First, go to 1. Cap it.

Then, go to 2. Cap it.

If youre feeling lucky, go to 3. cap it. BUTTTT

if you encounter heavy resistance, or you dont trust your randoms, then simply stay at 2. simply park at 2, let the other team have 3, and just keep re-capping 2.


Your priority here is not winning, it is leveling Deposit. So just camp out at 2. OR, if you guys are dominating, just camp at 3. and resume the "they cap, you cao" strategy.


If its Turf War, then run to a Turf and cap it. then, kind of keep your distance, and when you see one of your hills being taken, let the enemy have it, wait till they leave, and then steal it back.


Speed G may help you get to Turfs in a hurry. Also, using the Riot Shield is useful in capping zones/turf

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Re: help with deposit?

Jan 21, 2013
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