Jul 29 2013
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gaming matches to get trophy for games won in deathmatch for u3 or u2

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ok friends out there need some help finding the place on this site to see the set up matches for trophies. also any suggestions for increasing the amount of trophies i have..thanks and good gaming kat

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Re: gaming matches to get trophy for games won in deathmatch for u3 or u2

Jul 29, 2013

I have a few suggestions...


#1: Get rid of that purple font


#2: Trophies, objectively viewed, have no meaning in life. Subjectively, nobody will care about your trophies unless you are good at the hard games with ultra rare trophies..then people are actually willing to pay.. (So don't bother?)


#3 Uncharted 3 trophies aren't hard.. so if you still want to get trophies, you picked the excellent game (most trophies in a game to this date.. (and the forseeable future) , so just try to aim for the medals during matches, and if you win, that's an extra


#4 If you want to get the multiplayer trophies in the easiest way possible:  DON'T LEGACY... the lower your rank is, the better it will be for matchmaking, the easier it will be to achieve the trophies.. (You can even win all team objective and plunder matches as long as you don't come across a party..)


Happy hunting...

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