Jan 26 2013
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foreigners with crappy internet get huge advantage. regional matchmaking and or dedicated servers

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I love this game, but am so frustrated to the point that I probably wont buy The Last of Us or the next uncharted new and just avoid the multiplayer all together.
Every time I get into a game with people from south of the border...nothing racist, just anyone who isnt in north America, they have a 2 to 1 kdr with usually 40, 000 + kills, and they are invincible. Its sad really because you have what could be the definitive mp experience on the ps3 if you WOULD JUST ADD REGIONAL MATCHMAKING.
Go ahead all you naughty dog tail hanging apologists and tell me I just suck...problem with that theory is I tested this theory by jumping on my neighbors wireless which was at 35% signal strength, then for good measure started streaming netflix to my phone and tab via neighbors wifi....what happened? !?!? I was one of those invincible aholes I hate playing against. Seems totally unfair and bass ackwards that the people who contribute the most money to your company and product (AMERICANS) Get screwed when we try to play multiplayer against people who have their house powered by car battery and goat feces.
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