Jul 15 2012
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dlc maps worked.... then just STOPPED showing up!

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i have bought all three dlc maps seperatly when they were released... when i bought them they worked but for the last two weeks i havent seen them at al!!   they dont even come up as a option to vote for.. all 3 have dissappeared.. 

also when i first bought map pack 1,2,3 there were the only ones coming up in matchmaking?.. so its lik for two weeks all i had was map pack 3 and now i have none!

it feels lik such a waste of money and time because these days im being pared up with players who are on really low levels constanly playing london undergound....



one last thing when i go into custom game they work but not in matchmaking.. im a level 75 on the highest legacy but for the last week ive played nobody above level 75 on the first legacy.. its literally lik im being pared up with newbies and inexperienced players who have just bought the game and have no dlc's..... Smiley Sad Smiley Sad PLEASE FIX THIS!!

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