Apr 09 2013
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compatibility between multiplayer free to play and goty edition

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well i was wondering if the multiplayer free to play of uncharted 3 that was released on the ps store is compatible with the physical (disk) version of uncharted 3 goty edition.



I ask this because i have very little space on the hard drive of my ps3 and i was thinking of buying the goty edition of uncharted 3, and once the goty edition already as all the dlc and access to the multiplayer i would like to eliminate the files of the multiplayer free to play that i downloaded from the ps store to free a little space on my hard drive without losing my multiplayer status. I also don't want to eliminate and lose the bonusses that i have got from the uncharted 3 multiplayer beta.


Can you guys tell me which files i can and should delete and which i shouldn't delete?



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