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Re: co-op loadouts.

Dec 3, 2013

Alluboy_ wrote:

TheStuntDouble wrote:
I just don't like how I have to actively be near them when I turn on protector. Goddamn it guys, if you're not glowing, you don't got **bleep**. The protector thing doesn't work across the whole goddamn map.

I don't really mind the 10m range Protector and Army of Three has. If people don't realize to stay close to me when it's active, it's their loss. Smiley Tongue


Though it would have been cool if Kickback endurance (for example) would have increased the kickback range slightly. Like bronze 1m, silver 3m and gold 5m.

Yeah, but it totally breaks character for me if I don't help them; I came up with quite a lengthy profile background for Tony Jameson (my Custom Hero).

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