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Re: Why is it getting harder to find players?

Feb 18, 2014

renatabls wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

Nah ND did break some things with 1.18.


Boosters / Mega Bomb / Cluster Bomb

I agree witth those but at the end of the day, we all got used to it, didn't we? People in my friends list still play U3 daily, TLoU? Well... if it weren't for Left Behind they'd be on their ps4s.


I really wish ND would come back to U3 to make the final, final patch, in which they would AT LEAST change the boosters back. I don't really mind the Mega/Cluster bomb changes or whatever else they changed in 1.18, but if they changed the boosters back this game would be way better IN MY OPINION.

Agreed would love if they revert the booster changes + carry over the current match-making system they implemented for TLOU in patch 1.06 pertaining to lag. 


Your Opinion is spot on btw Smiley Happy .

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Re: Why is it getting harder to find players?

Feb 19, 2014

Not that many play anymore, and f2p players are just too dumb to download the maps, so they're in a different pool.

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Re: Why is it getting harder to find players?

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Feb 19, 2014

wycliff_12 wrote:

^^ Agreed about the M9 after patch 1.18, I had to stop using it until like 2 weeks ago I finally added back to my loadout. The aiming feels loose? I only use it if i'm playing in a laggy match for the slightly faster RoF default rate.


Otherwise E3 AK remains my gun of choice, the recoil just feels perfect IMO.


And Quick Boom certainly needed the nerf it got in patch 1.18.

I'm currently using the AK with Accuracy or the Jade AK. I only touch the M9 if I sense some hipfire users. The M9 still works better than the AK at that.


They need one final patch really, we wont get it and I don't expect to get it but they could add all the maps in the patch, disable the toggle. fix the m9, revert the boosters and put the mega bomb and cluster bomb back to how they were.


I'm not too bothered about the throwback thing. I think thats fair, but the explosion time isn't right.


Personally though. The recoil on all the weapons is too high, they got it right in Uncharted 2, I don't even know why you'd change something that works, current recoil still gives me headaches.

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Re: Why is it getting harder to find players?

Feb 19, 2014

naughty dog has comepletely dropped uc3 multiplayer and the release the last of us took a good chunk of players including me but i still play uncharted every other day.

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