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Re: What are some overpowered setups?

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Mar 1, 2013


19142 M9 kills

18418 Gmal kills

7792 AK kills


Not sure if serious with your AK = main weapon thing.

(Stats messed up)


And we talked not about aiming the Para, we talked about blindfiring the Para.

Thats whats the Para does in U3, its the TopNotch handgun for blindfiring - theres no "micro regulary" like you said, it even beats the AK in blindfiring most of the time!

A 9mm pistol beats an AK in a hectic close range firefight with ease Smiley Very Happy be sure thats only happening in a **bleep**ed up ND game.


The AK is a solid weapon if AC equipped, but then still inferiour because of the 8ooo character weapons in U3. (ClipSize, Blindfire, Faster Reloading etc. as second mod.) Thats why everybody using teh M9 as assault rifle - better accuracy, better blindfire, better clipsize, better reload speed, scoped zoom.

Everything vastly superiour vs. AKs 1 less to kill.




Not sure if serious with your 1.05 92fs setting VS U3s halfassed 1.04(stealth 1.05) damage comparison

But if you want..


U2 1.04 had also the 3 hit + melee damage like U3, the biiiig difference is U2 had 1/3 of the BF RANGE and 1/3 of the lock-on AIM-ASSIST mechanic compared to U3 - so the 92fs 1.04 was never that U3 Para stong.


In U2 1.04 you grapped the Micro when you saw one, because it was the Micro which ruled the CQC combat in U2 before 1.05 hit.


U3 proofs all of it, now you only pick up a Micro when you have an empty Para.

And because of aboves biiiig differences the Mag is U2 new Pistol only with the triple amount of range + the ability doing the 1x92fs bullet + melee onezerofive move and therefore makes the Pistole completly irrevelant in U3.



Conclusion to both, dont start to think that the M9&KAL are the only blindfire OPness problems in U3!!!










A multiplayer is supposed to feel the same as the game before it. You made that mistake with Uc3 but it was manageable. Now with Uc4 this is just ridiculous.

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