Feb 06 2013
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Weird match in the new lab

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New lab is 3 team deathmatch with shotgun,cluster bomb.For some reason half of the players left just before starting and we were 1v1v1  in London Underground.


I was expecting a free for all style match until I realized other two were just playing to get me Smiley Tongue They teamed up and chased me all match long.It was too funny,I was laughing all the time.One Elena and Chloe from different teams,waiting for me at the camping spot Smiley Happy one of them was 5th legacy 75 and the other 4th legacy 63.


It was a very unique and fun match.In the end,even though it was 2v1 match,scores were 22-15-9.I kılled them 22 times and timer ran out Smiley Happy


I wish you all to have one of these unique gaming moments,at least once...

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