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Updated with Answers! Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

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Hey Everyone! 

Have you got questions that need answers? Here's your opportunity to get them!

Until the 10th of May (and every month from here on out), you will have the opportunity to post your questions regarding Uncharted 3 Multiplayer experience in this thread! The top 10 questions will then be chosen and answered by the NaughtyDog Development team.

Once they have sent back the replies, we will post them in this thread for your perusal.

So, get to posting those questions - and make 'em count and make ‘em good ones!



  1. Again, are you going to add levels 76-100 to Uncharted 3? Is it too HARD to put them in the game? (xXGoldenArthurXx)


As we said last month, we won’t be including those in the game. We wanted to have a different leveling system than Uncharted 2 and make the levels more obtainable. The images (figure 1) you have in your signature aren’t anything we made.


Figure 1:




Figure 1- NOT ND APPROVED              


2.  Do you read co-op threads? (AliMakaveli)


Yes, we’ve seen these threads.  We don’t comment on all threads. We don’t have anything to add to these threads. We’ve addressed our plans for co-op in the past and we have no plans to add anything to co-op in future patches. It’s a matter of time, resources, and focusing what time and resources we do have available towards the multiplayer content you all play the most. Which happens to be competitive multiplayer. We added all our co-op content for Uncharted 3 via DLC and in earlier patches.  


3.  Is Revenge going to be tweaked in any way? (RevisIsland78)


Yes, revenge grenades will no longer damage teammates. This happens when patch 1.15 hits.


4.  Will we ever get the PAX PRIME AK and Para 9???? (SteepMatt)


The PAX items were meant to be PAX and US only exclusives. It’s what we agreed to with the people at PAX. We had some leftover codes for certain PAX items and will be posting some up randomly on the forums before November 1st.


5.  Please, for the love of your own Uncharted characters and your community who asked them since Uncharted 2, can you try and release a Classic Skin Pack #4?? (Luxis)


At the onset of Uncharted 3, we released over 25 skins that were classic themed. We wanted to give you more new content after that so we went ahead and made more new skins. It’s never as simple as us having the (audio, character, etc.) files so we can simply put those old files into the new game. There’s a ton of reworking, optimization, and tweaking to make those classic files work in our new game with our new systems, new animations and look. It’s also a matter of what time and resources we can devote to making these items work in the new game. 

A classic skins pack 4 will not be coming. However, your additional colors for character customization will be coming after patch 1.15.


6.  Instead of answering only 10 questions each month, could you answer questions on the forums all the time? I don't mean every question ever, but just pop in to busy threads and actually, you know, post?? (Xdye7)


We recognize that not all your concerns get addressed as you post them in the forums. We also realize that some of the busy threads don’t get addressed until late in the thread cycle. It’s the nature of development. We communicate with you as much as we have the time to attribute given everything we have going on. Sometimes we’ll read a thread and simply see if we can make it happen in the game if it makes sense and we have time and resources to make it happen. Sometimes we just don’t have an answer for your question. Sometimes we’re testing something to put into the game that we don’t want to tell you about yet because frankly, we’re not sure it works yet or it’s so cool we want to keep it under wraps until we really know how to communicate it outwardly via proper channels. All said, we’re reading, we’re observing and we’re communicating with you as much as we have time and answers to contribute. We’ll continue to try to answer as much as we can, when we can, and how we can. Thank you for understanding and your patience.


7.  How come your servers have gone down, randomly, like 15 times since retail launch? How come that essentially never happened on UC2? Is it any indication of the poor quality of this game?  (SLEAZE_IT_UP)


For Uncharted 2 we used different servers, had a smaller player pool, and different networking structure.  They went down from time-to-time too but you likely don’t remember it as acutely as it was many years ago now.


For Uncharted 3, most of our server down time has been about maintenance. Players will hop on when servers are undergoing maintenance. We need to reset them to keep them functioning properly from time-to-time.  It’s not an indication of quality but rather indication of a growing population of players and the advancements in server management and technology that we’re dealing with.


8.  Will you increase your support for more tournaments? (iceyfire54312)


Patch 1.15 will see an overhaul of the tournament system. Details on the changes will be up on the Naughty Dog blog before the end of the month.


Also we’re working with Sony closely to help active community tournament organizers and crews like Fragged Nation and Big2Krew to bolster their tournaments. Keep your eyes peeled for news about these tournaments in the future.


9.  Do you plan on adding any new customization items like you did with 1.13? (Fakehound)


Not for 1.15 but we are working on ideas for future patches.


10.  Are you planning any special anniversary items to give away for the Year One mark such as the Anniversary Drake skin, Anniversary Guns, Anniversary Emblem or Anniversary Shirts for the Custom Hero/Villain? (I-Like-Pie45)


We are very aware of the anniversary and will hopefully have some announcements for you. Some big things are coming for Uncharted 3 multiplayer but we’re not sure everything will be in line to make the announcements for the anniversary.  As for in-game anniversary items, we don’t have anything planned.


11.  Is Yemen Haunted? (shadowlibraboy) Re:


WE WANT TO BELIEVE. Nah, you just happened upon a glitch in a match.




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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

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Oct 2, 2012

Again, are you going to add levels 76-100 to Uncharted 3?

Yes, this would bring LIFE to the game.

EDIT: Please, for the love of God, don't answer it like the last time... ''We never had plans for it and bla bla bla...''
Hell no, give us something we know its true, You didn't have plans for these levels? Then why are they in U3 files?

Is it too HARD to put them in the game? If you put these levels in the game it would bring 1-2 years more of life to the game, DON'T put something like patch 1.13 where you are already level 75 5th legacy in 1 week after 1.13, make it HARD like U2, make it if... You are already legacy 75 5th legacy then it would bring you to level 76 but it would need more XP to level up like U2.

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

Oct 1, 2012

Will you guys make a special treasure drop weekend of some sort?

Will you guys ever remove the revenge booster?

Will you guys make it so that even if you lose a game with a ticket, you still get partial points?

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

Oct 1, 2012
Will there ever be special holiday skins like you had in UC2 (Holiday Drake + Flynn, Soccer Skins, etc.)?
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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

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Oct 6, 2012

Do you read co-op threads?


Take a look here at this link below and please get back to us

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

Oct 1, 2012

Are you planning any adjustments to Plunder that would deter killfarming / boosterfarming and incentivize capturing the idol?

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

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Oct 1, 2012

Can you guys make Stopping Power more consistent? I only notice it with the AK and M9(sometimes), and they have to be direct shots to the chest ONLY. Anywhere else= Non-Existent. 

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

Oct 1, 2012

When will we get proper matchmaking?(region lock, fix to the infinite spinning ring, party split between lobby and game, party split between teams)

Why was the buddy system introduced if there was a max of 5 players on each team?

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

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Oct 7, 2012

Do you plan on nerfing Blindfire across the board? And will you remove stopping power and increased turn radius on Blindfire?

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Re: Q&A with the NaughtyDog Development Team: October edition

Oct 1, 2012
Is Revenge going to be tweaked in any way?
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