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Re: Uncharted Universe and Skins - Best Fit

Sep 2, 2013


canadian94eh wrote:

Blennerville wrote:

canadian94eh wrote:

Blennerville wrote:

what skins would best fit the Uncharted Universe.


Uncharted 3 +  Pulled Pork Handwich


what the **bleep** is a "Handwich"?!Smiley Frustrated

you dont know ??Smiley Embarassed then you are missing out my good friend, you will have to experience it for yourself



i don't know if you're joking or not ... starting to think this is a real thing, is it just another name for a sandwich or a sub or a shawarma? or are you just **bleep** with me? Smiley Wink





its like a sandwich, just without the bread - apply mayo to both hands (plam side), then a layer of lettuce, peppers/onions and coleslaw, and of course the meat!!! - chicken/turkey or steak

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