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Uncharted Underground Fansite Forum | Contests, Tournaments, Events, Videos, and much more!

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All pictures, rights, and credits belong to Naughty Dog Inc. This Fan Site was made to do nothing but support Naughty Dog and the Uncharted Series in every way.


Site link:


Uncharted: Underground was created specifically to enhance your Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3 Gaming experience to the max.


-Members will be able to register themselves in PSN Cash Tournaments and challenges that can only be found here.


-User Friendly Sections with detailed explanations of how to use forums are included within our Forum Help Section.


-Register your clans in the clan section and let everyone know what your clan is all about.


- Organize Clan Battles and Player Challenges against your friends and rivals for intense battles! Clan Rankings/Leaderboards will be added.


-Discuss Anything Uncharted 1, 2, or 3.


-Show off your Skills in our Cinema and Screenshots sections. Post your YouTube videos or maybe an awesome screenshot. Video and Screenshots contests will be held.


The Sites Sections Include:


- Uncharted: Underground's Introduction Section

- Staff Section (This section is only for the Staff to post in.)

- Introduce Yourself (Get to know your fellow Uncharted friends!)

- Forum Help (This section is for anyone who is new to forums or may have questions, comments, or concerns pertaining to the forum itself.

- Cinema section (Videos and Screenshots from the Uncharted Community can be found here along with Contests from each will be hosted as the site grows.)

- Clan Battle Section (In this section Clan leaders will be able to introduce their clans and battle against other clans for the title of Uncharted Underground's Top Clan! Clan Rankings/Leaderboards will be available as stated above.)

- Tournament Section (Official Uncharted: Underground Tournaments will be held here. Members can also host their own tournaments within this section anytime they want.)

- Uncharted Discussion ( Discuss anything Uncharted 1, 2, and/or 3 in this section.

- General Discussion ( Discuss anything unrelated to the Uncharted Series. Anything Naughty Dog related is fine, but here you can also discuss any subject you feel as long as it has not pornographic images, profane language, or racial slurs/references.

-Naughty Dog Updates/Releases (Updates and Game Releases from Naughty Dog can be found here. Trailers/Links from upcoming Uncharted Updates and other Naughty Dog games will be found here as well.


I'll explain some of the Forum's features here so you guys that are new to forums can get a better understanding and experience.


-Registering: Most people get annoyed with having to create names and also have to confirm their site status through email. This method doesn't take long but can be a small pain to many forum users. So as you register be sure to let others know that this forum does not use that method Smile All users need to do is create a user name, enter a valid e-mail address, and verify that information with a simple code. BOOM, you can access all sections and features of the site that go with your user group of course.


- Forum ChatBox located at the top of the home page. This is very convenient for quickly contacting someone who is on the site. With the Chatbox located at the top of the page, it is more likely to be active.


- User Profiles which can be customized with limited personal info.

- avatars which show each time u post, and signatures that do the same

- Private Messaging System, for when you need to message someone 1on1

- Comments Feature for when you just want to drop by a friend's page and leave a quick viewable comment, and much more.


-Customize your Profile Page so that your friends can know what you're all about (optional). You can also customize your Avatar which will show up on the left side of each post you make in any section of the site. Not enough? Add a signature to the bottom of your post with any picture you want as long as it isn't pornographic images, race related, or includes profanity.


The Rules for the site are still pending but rest asure they will be put up shortly.



Much more is in store for UC: Underground as the site grows.  I hope to all all True Uncharted fans help rise this site to the top as the #1 Uncharted Online Fansite. Enjoy Smile


Again the link is:


Note: This site was made a while back but it never fully launched. We hope to have a strong laungh this time around!
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