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Re: Uncharted Free Roam?

Oct 26, 2013
A new IP with free roam, sure.

Just... Just not uncharted. It established itself as a linear game. Switching methods would make it take heat.
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Re: Uncharted Free Roam?

Oct 27, 2013

Free roam wouldn't work.

Maybe in TLoU but not Uncharted.

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Re: Uncharted Free Roam?

Oct 28, 2013

IzunaShisui wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

Actually my husband ignores Single Player games... He doesn't really care for games unless it's against other people.


Some people just don't care about Single Player.


I however often have to finish the Single Player to almost anything before I even bother with the MP.


Unless it's like Killzone, CoD or something where the story isn't worth playing anyway.


As for free roam, seeing how it works in GTA V. I'd have to say no thanks. I don't like it much... Also if it was identical to GTA V. You can never play the things you want... It's a good MP. but it's even more limited than ever intended by how people choose to play.

Hey, Killzone 2 was epic with the boss fights and Radec <3, let alone Visari's epic speeches...


I still need to play Killzone (HD) so can't judge on that one, and let's say Killzone 3 wasn't what I expected it to be, to much on-rails, too lighthearted, I thoroughly enjoyed the cutscenes though.


And now that I think of it, I remember why Killzone 3 was less good than Killzone 2, they asked Naughty Dog for advice with the story.... 


You didn't see Killzone Shadow Fall story trailer, did you? Cause that is gonna be so EPIC.

Killzone is definitely the best FPS series out there... not that Battlefield and COD raise the bar high. All they have is marketing.

But that doesn't work for Killzone, cause it's 18+ Smiley Happy


On-topic: Free Roam is only enjoyable if there is something to do in it, and if the world is enjoyable.


And Uncharted doesn't fit that bill. (All you can do in Uncharted is climb some stuff, kill enemies, nearly die and survive magically, perform some magic tricks..) 

Agreed: Killzone 2 was super awesome and I see why it's (more or less) your favourite game, and my favourite FPS (though I haven't played that many tbh).

Agreed: Killzone 3 was a step dowm.


Disagreed: I was not impressed by the KZSF story trailer. Still uber-hyped for it though.

Do you feel me?

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