Jul 12 2013
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I'm not sure if there is already an official thread on this but if there is then this will get moved over to there.


Anyway, I'm sure as everyone is aware. There is never anything good on Uncharted TV. If there is, it's only good for a few watches and then you find yourself trying to find a video with good music so then you can dance on your bed awkwardly until the match starts.


Now, me... good with video and audio editing... aha no. I'm more useless than a llama trying to drive.



Alright, so Ilamas can drive :/

...I'm still useless.


Anyway, people can post their own amazing actions here and then after we get a few, I'll ask people to not post anymore and to give kudo's to the video they think should win. After a couple days, I'll check how many kudos and whoever gets the most wins... and what do you win... nothing... you'll get nothing and you'll enjoy nothing.


Hope people have fun with this! Smiley Happy

Bang Bang!

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