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Uncharted Acronyms

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This thread contains acronyms, and their meaning, for many different terms commonly used in this forum. It also contains many commonly used acronyms for the English language and ones used in chatrooms during gameplay. If you have any suggestions, or other acronyms you would like to contribute, please do!


Specials thanks go out to all members who have contributed!


UPDATE 5/9/2013


Here's what we have so far:




#HK - (1HK, 2HK etc) 1 Hit Kill, 2 Hit Kill etc.



Acc - Accuracy (Gun Mod)
AFK - Away From Keyboard
AoT/Ao3 - Army of Three (Kickback)



BF - Blindfire
BitS - Back in the Saddle (Kickback)
BMM - Block Mesh Maps 
BRB - Be Right Back



CoB - City of Brass (Map)
CB/Clust - Cluster Bomb or Clan Battle (Cluster Bomb - Kickback)
CQC - Close-Quarters Combat
CR - Chain Reaction (Game Mode in Team Objective)
CS - Clip Size (Gun Mod)



DBG - Dead Body Glitch

DD - Double Damage (Power Play in Team Death Match)
DLC - Downloadable Content
DV - Desert Village (Map)



EE - Explosive Expert (Booster)
ESE - Explosive Shell Expert (Booster)



FF - Fleet Foot (Booster)
FHC - Fortune Hunters Club
FNA/5NA - Five Not Alive (Medal)



GA - Golden Abyss (Game)
GR - Gold Rush (Game Type in Co-op Arena)



HC - Hardcore Mode



IDC - I don't care
IDK - I don't know
IMO - In My Opinion



JK - Just Kidding



KDR - Kill/Death Ratio 

KJ - Kill Jacking
KOTH - King Of The Hill (Game Mode in Team Objective)
KS - Kill Steal



LS - London Streets (Map)
LU - London Underground (Map)



MA - Max Ammo (Gun Mod)
MB - Mega Bomb (Kickback)
MM - Marked Man or Monkey Man (Marked Man = Game Mode in TDM) (Monkey Man = Booster)
MMM - Multi Marked Man (Game Mode in Team Objective)
MP - Multiplayer



ND - Naughty Dog
NPC - Non-Player Character
NSP - None Shall Pass (Medal)



OP - Overpowered or Original Poster
OQ - Old Quarter (Map)
OT - Overtime or Off Topic



PO# - Party of # (Example: PO5 = Party of 5)

PP - Power Play (Booster For Losing Team in Team Death Match)



QB - Quick Boom (Kickback)



RaffDrag - Weapon combo of Raffica Pistol and Dragon Sniper
ROF - Rate Of Fire (Gun Mod)
RPG - Rocket Propelled Grenade

RS - Reload Speed/Riot Shield (Reload Speed - Gun Mod) 



SA - Situation Awareness (Uncharted 2 Booster)
SB - Smoke Bomb (Kickback)
SH - Stat Hats (Hats that can be worn to give player both positive/negative boosters)
SI - Scoped In (Booster)
SP - Single Player or Stopping Power (Stopping Power - Slows down enemy movement by shooting them)



TD/TDM - Team Deathmatch
TK - Team Kill
TL;DR - Too Long; Didn't Read
TLR - The Long Ranger (Medal)
TO - Team Objective
TS - Team Safe (Booster)
TTDM/3TD - Three Team Deathmatch



UDF - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
UC2/U2 - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
UC3/U3 - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
UP - Underpowered



WE - Weapon Expert (Booster)

WLR - Win/Loss Ratio





Other Information


Boosters - Boosters are items you can purchase and equip in both co-op and competitive game modes. They enhance the players abilities. Example: Monkey Man - You climb faster while this booster is equipped. You can equip up to 2 boosters at a time (see Paid Boosters). There are 2 slots for boosters. Each slot has a different selection of boosters to choose from. Certain boosters are not available until the player reaches a certain level. 


Booster Leveling - Each booster has 3 levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. When you first purchase a booster, it will be bronze. It will offer you an enhancement. For example, we'll use Monkey Man again. When you first purchase this booster, you can climb faster. When the booster reaches silver, your climbing speed is further increased. Finally, when you reach gold, your climbing speed is significantly increased. Basically, each level gives you an additional ability added on to the previous level. In order to level up boosters, you will need to collect a certain amount of a certain type of medal that pertains to the booster being leveled. For Monkey Man, it is the Pull Down medal needed.  


Gun Mods - Gun Modifications are items purchased that enhance the performance of the weapon being used. Example: Reload Speed - When Reload Speed is equipped, they player can reload their weapon much quicker. Typically, you can add 1 mod to each gun you use. The booster Weapon Expert will allow you to add a second mod to your pistol, and also a 2nd to your long gun when you have that booster leveled to gold. Like boosters, certain god mods aren't available until the player reaches a certain level. Also, Character Guns can be unlocked by collecting treasure sets. These guns often have 2 or 3 mods on them already. 


Kickbacks - Kickbacks, or Medal Kickbacks, are items that can be purchased and equipped. In both co-op and competitve modes, you can equip 1 Kickback. Kickbacks become available for use in the game once you collect a certain amount of medals. For example, Quick Boom requires 10 medals. Once you collect 10 medals in a game, you Kickback will be available for use. You cannot collect more medals until the Kickback is activated. Certain Kickbacks are not available until the player reaches a certain level. 


Medals - Medals are used in the game to activate Kickbacks and level up Boosters. Medals can either be picked up or earned. Treasure chests have Three Medal Pickups in them. When these are picked up, they give you 3 medals towards your Kickback. Treasures can also occasionally be found in these. Other Medals are earned by doing something specific during gameplay. For example, the "Frag Em" Medal is earned when the player kills two opponents or more with the same explosion in competitive play. Each game type has its own specific medals. Although, certain game types will both offer the same medal. 


Treasures - Treasures are found during game play and are used to unlock certain content: characters guns, stat hats, clothing etc. Each treasure belongs to a treasure set, and once that set is completed, the item it is associated with becomes unlocked. Treasures can be found occasionally in Three Medal Pickup chests, but more often, are found after killing an opponent. Each treasure set can be found in a specific game mode(s), not all treasures are available in all game modes. 

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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013

UC3 = U3 = Uncharted 3. Most important to know!!!

Hello everyone! I’m Scott Lowe, the newest addition to the community team at Naughty Dog. As a longtime fan of the studio, it’s an absolute dream come true to work alongside the developers here and immerse myself in our amazing player community. It’s week two for me, so I’ve got a ton left to learn and get up to speed on. Nonetheless, I plan on posting on the forums as much as possible. You can also hit me up on Twitter, @ScottLowe, whether it’s to talk about games, the studio, or exchange GIFs. Beware, my GIF game is strong. -ND-ScottLowe
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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013
Valid point lol.
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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013

RS = Reload Speed

MA = Max Ammo

CS = Clip Size

ROF = moron mod- I mean, Rate of Fire

Acc = Accuracy

BF = Blindfire


BMM = Block Mesh Maps


QB = Quick Boom

SB = Smoke Bomb


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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

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Apr 29, 2013
I've seen some of these posted before, however some might have just been used between a few of my friends.

RS = Riot Shield (Note: This is more commonly used for reload speed, like StuntDouble posted.)
FF = Fleet Foot
TS = Team Safe
BitS = Back in the Saddle
EE = Explosive Expert
ESE = Explosive Shell Expert
WE = Weapon Expert
AoT = Army of Three
CB = Cluster Bomb
MB = Mega Bomb
ND = Naughty Dog
MP = Multiplayer
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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013
Thanks guys. I think I need to use my laptop rather than my phone to update my original post. I will do that soon, I'm making note of everything posted so far.
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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013

sanddude20 wrote:

UC3 = U3 = Uncharted 3. Most important to know!!!

No. Way. 800 post in, and I finally understand what everyone has been talking about. Bet it was quicker than most of you guys.


So this isn't the Starcraft forums? Smiley Sad Boy, was I a fool.

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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013
HIMYM= How I Met Your Mother
HTLWYP(FTROYL)= How to Live With Your Parents (For The Rest of Your Life)

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"It's that time of the month again, Joel"
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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013

General acronyms


ND -> Naughty Dog

UDF -> Uncharted Drake's Fortune

UC2 (or U2) -> Uncharted 2 among thieves

UC2 1.04 -> this was when UC2 was at it's best, it's just before the doom patch that was 1.05 in which ND lowered the health, almost all people prefer high health and hate patch 1.05, so UC2 1.04 is meant to described as when Uncharted multiplayer was at it's best

UC3 (or U3) -> Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception

DLC -> Downloadable content

FHC -> Fortune Hunters Club, a 25 dollar service for UC3 that would give you all upcoming DLC for free (until a certain date we found out later, also the forumers here are dissapointed with the FHC because of promises not kept by ND, like giving 3 map packs instead of 4, and 2 of those map packs were reskinned UC2 maps)


Hate list of acronyms


RoF -> Rate of fire, the mod everyone hates, it makes you kill faster and therefore makes weapons unbalanced, it is on the kal-7 and the m9 and overpowered on both weapons, but especially the m9

QB -> Quick boom, kickback which makes grenades explode instantly, it is overpowered because it costs as much medals as an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade), but can have multiple grenades, up to 3 or even more if you collect one after you used one, also they are easier to use because you just tap L2 and can use guns at the same time, while you have to carry an RPG all the time if you are planning on using it

BF -> Blindfire, it's easy, it's automatic, it's annoying


Mode acronyms:

TD -> Team Deathmatch

3TD -> Three Team Deathmatch

HC -> Hardcore, a mode that is removed for Classic, many people here like Classic but some people are dissapointed that it had to remove hardcore (TheStuntDouble Smiley Tongue ), in this mode you had no mods, no kickbacks, no boosters, slightly higher health and 3HK melee (which is an acronym for three hit kill)


New stuff acronyms:


SH -> Stat Hats, awful looking items with stats, they don't fit in this game according to some (including me)

BMM -> Block Mesh Maps, a very awesome idea by ND, maps that are free, that's always nice


I think these are the most important ones Smiley Happy

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Re: Uncharted Acronyms

Apr 29, 2013
for cluster bomb, we generally say only " clust " intead of this lettesr CB.

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