Oct 19 2013
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Uncharted 4 Tournament Playlist: Survival

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Do you guys love competition? How about a solid community? You probably enjoy playing with friends too right? Especially in a game as team-based as The Last of Us. 



I have a suggestion for Naughty Dog that I am hoping is implemented in the almost inevitable sequel to TLOU in the years to come. Yes it is a long way off, but thankfully my suggestion can also be easily imeplented in Uncharted 4 as well as it has been designed with both games in mind, so let's get to it.






 Win as many as you can!


Survival is a tournament mode for TLOU/UC4 multiplayer (more suited for TLOU but can easily be translated for UC4 as well) thats main focus is to implement longetivity and band the community together for competitive play with friends, clans, and all out fun. So what is Survival? Simple, it isn't like a normal tournament, it is a weekly based tournament playlist that would only appear for 3-4 hours 3 times a week. Yes, this system is very similar to what was present in Metal Gear Online, and it has been proven to work wonderfully.


The entire point of Survival is to add competitive play to these games in a way that anyone can join in and play, no matter how in to the community they are. Survival sways players to keep playing on and on so that they can unlock cool items and have fresh competition with their friends all without having to go through the hoops to join a forum or official clan team (though you defintiely can if you so choose!)




The times this playlist would appear would be set by Naughty Dog, but these times would be consistent throughout the games life span. When this special playlist would light up, an announcement would appear both in-game and in the menus that the Survival tournament has started giving everyone a heads up to join the playlist. 


- For instance every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday Survival could be available from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. -




Survival would have a lobby system in which players can invite their friends along with random players to join their party. After the party is set, the team is set into the Survival matchmaking, which would at first attempt to place players with equal skill and connections together, if no results were found then the standard matchmaking priorities would go into effect.he players are matched with another team and a competitive match is played. Whichever team is victorious receives supplies/cash depending on if you are playing TLOU or Uncharted.



There is a catch however, it isn't over yet, far from it. Now the players are set back into the Survival matchmaking to face another team, if they win again then they receive double the cash/supplies they received before, and this all stacks up to five wins. If you lose however then you keep whatever rewards you earned, but you are kicked back into the Survival lobby to re-enter or adjust your team to start over from the first Survival match. Your goal is to win as many matches as possible in the fastest amount of time you can to rack up the most points possible.




In other words it would be something like so...





1 win


50 supplies/$500


2 wins


100 supplies/$1,000


3 wins


200 supplies/$2,000




0 supplies/$0


Total rewards accumulated


 50+100+200 = 350 supplies


 $500+$1,000,$2,000 = $3,500


 Get it?




After winning 5 rounds you receive the maxmimum prize of all your rewards put together, and you are reset back into the lobby to start over so you can put together another streak with your team.




The rewards you receive wouldn't be like they are implemented right now currently in TLOU/UC3. What would largely remain the same is that you could unlock most customization items through leveling up, just like you do currently.


However Survival currency would allow players to spend their points on exclusive customization items only obtained from Survival. This would range from head items, clothing, and character skins to weapon skins (nothing majorly ridiculous looking in TLOU to keep it true to form). The amount of items would be plentiful and unique looking, and should cost enough currency to keep us playing Survival throughout UC4/TLOU's lifespan.






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Re: Uncharted 4 Tournament Playlist: Survival

Oct 20, 2013

The way I understood it was there is no time for a break.


I don't mind competition, but I can't play 5 games straight. I'll need time to take a break or something

Apart from that though looks better than the current horrible tournament system that is in place.

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Re: Uncharted 4 Tournament Playlist: Survival

Oct 21, 2013

Aureilia wrote:

The way I understood it was there is no time for a break.


I don't mind competition, but I can't play 5 games straight. I'll need time to take a break or something

Apart from that though looks better than the current horrible tournament system that is in place.

You can, but your streak will be wiped. You do get small breaks in between matches in the lobby though while you get matched with another team. You can also take a break after you win 5 in a row or lose a match.

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