Jun 30 2013
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Uncharted 3 PS Plus On Demand issue.

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I've recently downloaded Uncharted 3, and it comes with 2D and 3D Movies, and Multiplayer DLC, which are all held in the Game Data folder, I cancelled the MP DLC, and I set the others to download while I slept, using Automatic Update, and when I woke up, the full game was nowhere to be seen, and it's usually in an Unknown Folder, but not this time, so I checked the Game Data folder, now I'm guessing the 2D and 3D movies are about 8 - 11GB each, more or less, which means the game is about 12 or more GB, and the total is 34GB, so that means somehow the game is being placed in the Game Data folder.


I live in the UK, is anyone else having the same problem?


For those that don't believe me, if you have PS Plus, and if it's on your instant collection list, download it and see for yourself.

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Hey. look there is those files : 1- Single player Exp (12...

Jun 30, 2013


look there is those files :

1- Single player Exp (12 GB)

2- Single player Exp 2D movies pack (13GB)

3 Single player Exp 3D movies pack (11 GB)

4- the free-to-play multiplayer (4.6)

you have to download the single player Exp and the 2d movies pack and the free to play multiplayer .

the 3D pack isn't necessary . in your case you have to download the multiplayer even if you don't want it .. because in this case the Single player and the 2D movies files are consiedered as add-ons and won't appear the in the game menu.. they will appear in the multiplayer .. so long story short.. 

if you want to play the single player campaign you should start from the multiplayer file ..

Hope I helped .

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