Jan 04 2013
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Uncharted 3 Gameplay for Top 10 Youtube video

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Hey guys. First off let us introduce ourselves, we are LosWarriorsFuriosos a channel on Youtube. Right now we only have 5 subscribers, lol. Anyways, we are a gaming channel, we will be uploading Spanish and English commentary / gameplay. For now we will be uploading Top 10 gameplays without commentary, since we don't have a mic yet. The first Top 10 we want to do is Uncharted 3. So please if you play Uncharted 3 and have some good gameplay send them to us. You can send them to El_guerrero_jh or Thiefsfury through the Cinema upload. For those of you who don't know how to upload and send gameplay in uncharted 3 follow the steps below.

1. When in Multiplayer press on Community.

2. When in Community press Cinema

3. Now press on the game in which has your amazing gameplay unedited (make sure to protect it if you haven't yet) Don't send us edited clips, we will edited them.

4. Upload it to your online files

5. Press triangle to go to your online files

6. When in your online files press on the gameplay and press send to friends.

7. When you have pressed send to friends. Press on on the bottom one. fill in ID

8. Put in El_guerrero_jh or ThiefsFury. Then send!


If you have the game captured on your computer send it to this email >

Some last words.
We know that there are other Youtubers that are big, and can get their Top 10s on to Uncharted TV. But give us a chance! We can't promise that ours will get on uncharted TV, but we will try, and we wont disappoint. Thank you for your time. -LWF

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