Apr 11 2012
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Uncharted 2, Chapter 2 - three beep / flashing red light crash

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Hi all,

This is my first post so I would really appreciate any help you can give as I cannot play Uncharted 2 at present due to constant crashing at the same point.

I have a 60gb original 'fat' PS3 that I bought second hand. I have played a number of games on it, both from the hard drive and via disc. I played the original Uncharted through no problems. However, on Uncharted 2, I get to the second chapter in the sewers and it crashes at almost the same spot, about 30 seconds into the level. There are three beeps and the PS3 shuts down, the red light flashing.

All the vents are clear as far as I can see - the case feels warm, but not boiling and if I switch it back on and play any other game it will run fine.

Does anyone have any ideas how I might be able to get the game to work? I really want to play it! I am concerned that my PS3 is on its way toward YLOD, but then surely it should be crashing on more than just this game?

Many thanks,


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