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UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

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Hey everyone. I feel like making another Uncharted 4 thread because I want to make sure that ND sees what we want and doesn't repeat its UC3 mistakes. It's pretty much guaranteed that there will be a new Uncharted on PS4 considering how popular the franchise is. Please post what you would like to see in UC4 in this thread. Here's what I want:


Engine: I know you guys said that you'll use the same engine, which I'm fine with considering it's awesome. However, there are a lot of ways you could take advantage of the PS4's hardware. The engine should support DirectX 11, Destruction, something similar to Nvidia PhysX, Tesslation, Particles, Dynamic Lighting, Real-Time water, rain, everything. The game should have a 1080p Resolution. Since Uncharted is a cinematic game, you should focus on having a completely locked framerate of 30fps (it should never drop at all) and have extremley impressive graphics. The game should look at least as good as the Dark Sorcerer tech demo but in gameplay. Maybe the multiplayer could run at 60fps but have less graphical detail.


Story: I don’t have a lot of suggestions since you have awesome writers. I only have one idea, to have Elena pregnant. I think it would be cool if during their adventure, Elena is sick and starts throwing up and stuff. Nate could ask her from time to time if she's okay and she'd hide it from him. At one point in the story, she'd have no choice but to reveal to Nate that she's pregnant. It would be fitting because then Nate would have a valid reason for settling down at the end of the adventure. If done well, it could be epic IMO. The story mode should be at least 12-14 hours.


Characters: Nate should stay the same as in UC3. Sully too. Elena and Chloe should look like in the E3 Trailer. Charlie Cutter should stay the same and should be more present throughout the game.


Villain: I think that the main villain should be someone who's crazy, very dangerous and upredictable, like The Joker or Vaas (from Far Cry 3). He should be equal to Drake on every level. Also, let's have an american villain for god's sake.


Locations: One of the things I love about the Unchated games is that there are globe-trotting adventures. I think that it would be cool to China and/or Africa in Uncharted 4. The Grand Canyon would also be cool.


Gameplay: The pacing between combat, exploration and puzzles was pretty much perfect in UC3. The gunplay should be improved to be on the level of third-person shooters. Also, make stealth more viable. Melee should be similar to UC3 but we should be able to melee someone or a group of enemy with the help of our partner. For example, Sully could punch someone and push him towards Drake who would finish him with an AK-47 swing. The enemies should be struggling when Drake tries to choke them. When swapping weapons in the middle of combat (long-gun to sidearm only), Nate should draw the sidearm and hold on to the long gun with his left hand (like in Max Payne 3). He’d put it on his back at the end of the fight. This would add to the realism of the game. When a character gets shoot, they should have blood on their clothes, including the main characters, but enough blood to keep the T rating.


Levels: Environments should have micro-destruction, similar to the destruction in the Close Quarters maps of Battlefield 3. UC4 should have more big levels, similar to TLOU , that would allow for a variety of playstyles.


Enemies: The enemy AI in UC4 should be even more advanced than The Last of Us. The hit reactions and enemy deaths should be more realistic. Enemies should react to every single bullet they receive. Also, where the player shoots them should influence their behavior and capabilities. If the player shoots them in a leg or a knee, they should limp and if shot in both legs and knees, they should only be able to crawl to cover. If shot in the arm, they shouldn’t be able to shoot and aim as well. If shot in the stomach, they cover the wound with one hand, which would reduce their accuracy. If enemies fall down, they shouldn’t necessarily be dead. Some could crawl to cover, others could ask Drake to spare them after seeing their teammates die or even pull the pins off their grenades to sacrifice themseleves and kill Drake. Enemies should communicate in the same way as in The Last of Us.There shouldn't be anymore "wave after wave" of enmies in SP.


When using stealth in Uncharted, if one enemy sees you, everyone knows you're here instantly, even if you take out the one who spotted you quickly. This shouldn't happen anymore in UC4. Also, if the level allows for it, you should be able to hide from enemies and go back to stealth mode if they discover you, like in TLOU. Enemies shouldn't be able to know exactly where you are unless they see you. For example, if you're taking cover on one side of a wall then move to the other, enemies should still shoot where you were, unless one of them sees you and tells his allies where you are. Kind of like a Last Known Position in Splinter Cell: Conviction but without the ghostly image.


Bring back enemy vehicles.


Treasures: Drake should tell a little description every time we pick up a treasure while the treasure is spinning on the right. It would make them more interesting to look for.


Allies: Allies should be able to kill enemies and really feel human. They should also be able to melee and do everything the player can do. Just like Drake, they should pick up weapons/ammo from dead enemies, move intelligently through the environment, etc.


Audio: You should record real guns and use their sounds for the game like DICE did for BF3. Also, there should be a Pulse Elite Audio Mode available at launch.


Store/Cheats: Bring back the store and cheats along with all the previous options and new ones.


Demos/Trailers: Do the same thing you did with TLOU and don't show too much. One gameplay demo is enough. Use trailers, cinematics and MP gameplay instead of 3-4 demos.


Marketing: The game should have a huge marketing budget. Uncharted is a series that could easily have Halo-level of success (meaning 10+ million units sold) with enough marketing. Sony needs to make a big deal about it. With the PS4 looking to be very successful and the money that will be made from PS Plus being required for MP, I have no doubt there will be enough money to market this in a very big way.


Kart Racing Mini-Game: Since you guys usually do 3 games and a Kart racer, it would be cool if you guys included a Kart Racing mini game in UC4. It could be unlocked after beating the story mode and would be playable in MP.

UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done.
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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

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Aug 28, 2013




12-player Competitive Multiplayer


Ranking System:There should be 1-50 system similar to old Halo games and UC2.


Maps: Less re-used maps. Only bring back one or two of them. Also, screw the dynamic elements as they prevent good competitive gameplay. All maps should be made from scratch (instead of being re-used SP environments) with competitive and balanced play in mind. The game should launch with at least 10 maps. Make maps vary between asymmetrical and symmetrical (UC2 only had symmetrical and UC3 only had asymmetrical). Maps should have clear power positions that players want to hold to win the game.


Map Callouts: There should be callouts for each part of the map, like in Halo Reach. Those callouts should be over the timer. That would allow for the entire population to have universal callouts and would make playing with randoms easier.


New Game Modes:

-Domination: 3 Capture Points, 1 at both teams' initial spawns and 1 at the middle of the map. The objective is to control more capture points than the enemy team. Teams earn 1 point every 5 seconds for every flag they own. The score limit is 200 points. It should only be played on symmetrical maps.


-Multi-Flag CTF: Both teams have a flag at their initial spawn point. The objective is to capture the enemy team's flag and bring it back to your base. Flags have a 15 second respawn timer after being dropped. If a player stands next to his team's flag, then the reset timer only lasts 3 seconds. A team cannot score if its flag isn't at home. Games are won by capturing 5 flags or having more flags than the enemy at the end of the timer. If there's a tie at the end of the timer, then the match goes into Overtime. The first time to score during OT wins. If no team scored at the end of the OT then the match ends in a tie. It should only be played on symmetrical maps.


-Neutral-Flag CTF: Works like Multi-Flag but there's only one neutral flag which is located in the middle of the map. It should only be played on symmetrical maps.


-One-Flag CTF: Works like Multi-Flag except that only one team has a flag. One team is the attacking team, the other one is the defending team. It should only be played on asymmetrical maps.


-Search & Destroy: Just copy Black Ops 2.


-Kill Confirmed: Just copy Black Ops 2. I think this would work well in Uncharted because it's so fast-paced and because of the verticality and movement options.


Map Editor: Have a map editor similar to Forge in Halo. You could allow us to make great looking maps or only let us use the block mesh pallets. Allow us to edit default maps by adding weapons, turrets, closing off routes,etc... Every 2 month, there should be a rotational "Community Maps Test" playlist featuring community maps suggested by members of the community. The best of those maps should then be implemented into the main playlists.


Levels: No more Legacy levels. Instead, there should be a leveling system similar to UC2.


Progression System: UC4 should use a progression system similar to the first Black Ops. Every booster and clothing option should be unlocked from the start. However, they should still cost money like they currently do.


Buddy System: Ditch it.


Red X over dead bodies: In UC Multiplayer, when a player dies, an x appears next to his username at the location of death. I think this should be replaced to a red X similar to what is in older Halo games to make it more visible and make callouts easier.


Blindfire: There shouldn't be a reticule when blindfiring, like in Gears. Also, there shouldn't be aim assist for blindfiring.


Assists: In Battlefield 3, when you make an assist, the amount of points you get equals the percentage of health, you took away from the enemy. A similar system should be used in UC4:

If you deal 0 to 12.5% of damage, you don't get anything.

If you deal 12.5 to 37.5% of damage, you get $25.

If you deal 37.5 to 62.5% of damage, you get $50.

If you deal 62.5 to 99% of damage, you get $75.


Customization/Skins: Follow Luxis’ thread as it is simply perfect. No stats on items. No skeleton skin. Skins should be affected by water, snow, sand,etc. We should be able to purchase (both with in-game and real money) cosmetic items and weapon skins. There should be a lot of weapon skins (including dynamic ones) and new micro-transactions should be added every week. Also, the game should have DLC skins from other games. For example, to celebrate the release of AC 13: Redemption, you guys could release an Assassin robe as a skin for your MP character. There should be skins from all games from first-party games to third-party games (Cole's jacket, Aiden Pierce's coat, Kratos' skin, etc.). Characters from other franchises could also make their appearances (Kratos, Solid Snake, Ezio, etc.). Basically, this should be like TF2 but on PS4.


As for Custom Characters, there should be an extensive character creator like what Rockstar is doing with GTA Online. You should be able to choose your character's sex, hair style/color, eyes, nose, tatoos, etc. Hats, Glasses and Neck items (necklaces, scarfs, etc.) should be separate.


Loadouts: I think that loadouts should be removed. There were too many balance issues in UC3 MP and I think I'm not the only one that would rather go back to the more balanced and simple style of play in UC2 where all of us start with AKs and fight to control the power weapons. Attachements should stay and work like they do in UC3 co-op. By that I mean, the AK you start with should have the attachments you choose for it. When you pickup an M9, it should have the attachments you choose for it. Same thing with the weapon skins. There shouldn't be "active" attachments like RoF or Accuracy. Weapon Skins should also work the same way (buy a fire skin for you GMAL, it appears on the gun when you pick it up).


Dedicated Servers: This will solve the big lag problem we've had in Uncharted multiplayer. It shouldn't be hard considering we have to pay to play online now. I feel like there's no way UC MP can grow if it still uses p2p.


Search Profile: There should be a search profile, similar to what was in Halo Reach. We should be able to choose if we want to be matched with Team Players/Lone Wolves, Chatty/Silent people, etc.


Join in Progress: Join in Progress should return but in Social only.


Store: Microtransactions but only for Cosmetic items. Nothing that affects gameplay should be sold. Again, no stat items. You might not like Micro-transactions but think about it. They'll fund the game post launch, allowing ND to maintain the Dedicated Servers and give us FREE map packs, which means no more population split.


Separate Hitboxes


Groups: We should be able to create groups similar to crews in Max Payne 3. We should be able to customize the groups's emblem (and have it on your char), organize Group battles and have rival groups.


Custom Games: Give us the same amount of option as in Halo games (best custom games in gaming). The best community-created customs should be put as voting options in The Lab (like what KZ is doing).


Respawn Times: 5 second in deathmatch-based gametypes, FFA and 2v2. 10 seconds in 4v4 Objective. No respawns in Hardcore playlist.


Static Spawns: The game should use Static Spawns to allow for map control instead of Dynamic Spawns seen in UC3 (can't remember how they were in 2).


Power Plays: Remove them ASAP. It is simply stupid to reward a team for losing.


Power Weapons: There should be waypoints over the weapon's location (kind of like Power Hunter but for everyone) but the range of the icon should be limited. Power Weapons should respawn a set time after pick-up. Power weapon placement should be balanced (for example, place a sniper near both spawns and an RPG in the middle of the map). Do not place power weapons in power positions otherwise it will promote camping.


Challenges/Missions: UC4 should have daily and weekly challenges similar to Halo 4. Missions should be replaced with something similar to Commendations in Halo 4.


BotZone: It would be cool to have a BotZone like in KZ3 where we could use max-leveled characters to train against bots, practice different maps and preview future unlocks. We should be able to bring our parties in BotZone. BotZone should be available offline.


Medal Kickbacks: REMOVE THEM


Boosters: No cheap boosters like Revenge. No levels for boosters. No booster that gives away the enemy's position. No Paid Boosters. No booster tiers. Use a point system for allocating boosters like in TLOU and CoD Ghosts.


Grenade Throwback: Remove it but for competitive only.


Emblem Editor: The emblem editor should be as advanced as the one seen in Black Ops 2.


Announcer: Less annoying one this time. Make him (YES, HIM) similar to the Halo one (the best one ever). Better yet, make Kevin Butler the announcer (a man can dream).


Testing: The game should have extensive pre-launch testing. That way we'll have less weapon balance issues. There should be a big enough period of time between the Open Beta and Launch to allow for changes to MP.


Spectator/Shoutcast Mode: Simply copy everything from Black Ops 2's Spectator Mode. It is perfect. This is a must for Uncharted to be taken seriously as a competitive game.


Uncharted TV: It should come back because it's a great feature. I think that there should be an official Top 5/10 series made by ND so that there's room for other videos. When uploading videos using the Share button, there should be a tag option, allowing users to submit their vids to ND. Also, the vids shouldn't only be about Kills. Every week, there should be a different theme like Top Kills, Top Fails, Top Snipes, Top Pistol kills,etc. Players featured in the vids should win prizes. It should have Machimina, Live-streams and other community content.


Official Tournaments: Along with my suggestions that make Uncharted more competitive, I think that ND should host official competitive tournaments for Uncharted 4. E-Sports has proven to be really popular (look at games like LoL,Dota 2,BO2) and are pretty much free advertisement for the games. I think that there should be major LAN tournaments every three months that could have online qualifiers and be live streamed on the PS4's front page. Those should have big prize pools and big production values. The 2013 CoD Championships are a great example.


Downloadable Content: I think Downloadable content should return as it's a great way to extend the game. With the fact that we are paying to play online, along with all the microtansactions, I think that all map packs should be free. That way, the player population won't be split like in Uncharted 3.  As for the packs themselves, I have two suggestions.

 -Suggestion 1: DLC packs are released every 3 month. Packs contain 3 competitive maps and 1 Survival maps.

 -Suggestion 2: New DLC every month. alternating between 2 MP maps and 1 Survival maps. (that's my preferred suggestion)


Voting: The voting system should be replaced with something similar to what is used in Halo: Reach. There should be 4 options:

-Map/Gametype 1

-Map/Gametype 2

-Map/Gametype 3

-None of these

If most people vote for "None of these", then 3 new Map/Gametype options appear. However, there shouldn't be another "None of these". If there's a tie between two or more options, then the game should choose randomly. Main Gametypes in a playlist with multiple gametypes should always appear as the first option (for example, Team Deathmatch+Map should always be the first option in the Social Deathmatch playlist).


PLAYLISTS (gametypes appear as voting options alongside the maps)


Social Deathmatch (4v4)

 -Team Deathmatch (Main Gametype)

 -Kill Confirmed 

 -RPGs only

 -Shotguns only

 -Grenade Launchers only

 -Pistols and Grenades only

 -Snipers and Pistole only

 -Mag-5 Shootouts

Multi-Team (4 Teams of 2)

 -Team Deathmatch (Main Gametype)

 -Kill Confirmed

 -Treasure Hunter

 -RPGs only

 -Shotguns only

 -Grenade Launchers only

 -Pistols and Grenades only

 -Snipers and Pistole only

Social Free-For-All (6FFA)

 -Deathmatch (Main Gametype)

 -Kill Confirmed

 -RPGs only

 -Shotguns only

 -Grenade Launchers only

 -Pistols and Grenades only

 -Snipers and Pistole only

Social Objective (these gametypes appear as voting options alongside maps, not like TO from UC3) (4v4)

 -Neutral-Flag CTF (Main Gametype)

 -Multi-Flag CTF

 -One-Flag CTF

 -Treasure Hunter


 -King of The Hill

 -Chain Reaction

The Lab (6v6)


RANKED (Uses ranking system mentioned above. Each playlist has its own rank.)

Group Wars (4v4) (Main Competitive Playlist in the game. A group should be required to enter. This playlist should have a mixture of deathmatch, objective and hardcore modes. It should serve as the online qualifiers for tournaments.)

Team Deathmatch (4v4)

 -Team Deathmatch (Main Gametype)

 -Kill Confirmed

Double Team (2v2)

 -Team Deathmatch

 -Kill Confirmed

 -Neutral-Flag CTF

 -Multi-Flag CTF

 -One-Flag CTF

 -King of The Hill

Free-For-All (6FFA) (Counts as victory if you're in the top 3)

Team Objective (4v4)

 -Neutral-Flag CTF

 -Multi-Flag CTF

 -One-Flag CTF

 -Treasure Hunter


 -King of The Hill

 -Chain Reaction

Team Hardcore (4v4)


 -Search & Destroy




Co-op should be upped to 4 players. Melee should use the same system as the SP mode. It should have all of the improvements found in the campaign and look exactly like it. The AI should be just as good as in the SP. You guys should be able to use cloud computing to significantly improve the AI, considering co-op is online.


Downed State: In Co-op, when you lose all your health, you become downed. In this state you can't do anything besides hoping somebody will revive you. I think in this state, we should be able to use our secondary weapon to cover our allies while they rush to revive us. Here's situation where I think that would be useful:

Let's say you're downed and an ally rushes to revive you but a choker grabs him. It would be awesome to be able to shoot the choker, allowing your friend to revive you.


Survival 2.0:  Survival 2.0 should be a 4-player co-op wave-based mode. When playing a custom-game, the host should be able to save the game, allowing the players to resume at the same point at a later date. It would use the following enemy types:


-Pistols (would start with .45 Defenders, then Para 9 and have Arm Micros)

-Burst enemies (would start with Raffica pistols and then have G-Mals)

-Shotgunners (Pistole, Sawed-Off and then SAS-12, not able to snipe with Shotties anymore)

-Long gunners (AK 47, M9)

-Snipers (Tau Sniper, Dragon Sniper)





-Suicide Bombers


Players would start with an AK 47, a 92FS-9mm and two grenades. There would be weapon depots (where you'd buy and mod weapons and buy grenades) and booster/equipment depots (where you'd buy boosters, armor to take more bullets, self revives,etc.). The Players would earn money by killing enemies and completing challenges. Every 4 wave, there should be a challenge (get x headshots, melee kill x enemies, etc.) that players in the team should contribute to. When completing a challenge, players should be rewarded with money, weapons, ammo, etc. There should be a 30 second wait time between each waves to let players refill and set up. That timer should be skippable.

Every tenth wave should be a boss wave. Bosses would be:



-Group of Juggernauts

-Group of Kickback Bosses

-Any combination of the things above

After completing a Boss Wave, players would get points as if they had completed a game of Survival. They can then leave and the progress earned after the last boss wave won't count.


After every boss wave, there should be a Djinn transformation given to the enemies when they die with different bonuses:

-Wave 11: More health since they transform after dying (Djinn with yellow fire)

-Wave 21: Bonus of previous wave + 2x more accurate (Djinn with yellow/orange fire)

-Wave 31: Bonus of previous waves + 2x more damage (Djinn with orange fire)

-Wave 41: 2.5 x health, accuracy and damage (Djinn with red fire)

If a player dies, he has the option to wait until the end of the wave or buy himself back into the game. If all the players are dead at the same time then the game ends.

Finally, allow us to choose which faction to use in this mode.


Survival Maps: The Survival maps shouldn't be the competitive maps because those are built with PvP in mind (camping, spawns,etc...). Instead, Survival should have it's own maps like Zombies in Call of Duty and Firefight in Halo. The enemy faction should depend on the chosen map (mercenaries,pirates,etc.). There should be 4-5 maps at launch. DLC Maps should be based on other franchises like PS exclusives, games like  MGS, Borderlands, etc. Here are some examples:

-Sandover Village from Jak and Daxter. Enemies would all wear Jak goggles or something like that (didn't play Jak so I can't think of too much)

-Killzone: Shadow Fall map (chose that because it's a PS4 KZ). Enemies could wear the outfits of their KZ equivalents (regulars wear Helghast trooper armor, snipers wear Helghast infiltrator armor, Juggernauts wear Heavy Trooper armor,etc.)

-Starhawk map. Same as KZ but with Outcast skins.

-Metropolis from Ratchet and Clank

UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done.
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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

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Aug 27, 2013

1) Quad splitscreen to help the player pool. There will be much less PS4 consoles than PS3 consoles for many years. Also, don't forget that Sony wouldn't mind selling more DS4 controllers.

2) Mercenary for lone wolfs. Splitscreeners will NOT be able to join solo playlists.

3) Few consolidated playlists (like in TLOU MP), but many modes in each playlist.

4) Ping filter toggle or strictly ping-based matchmaking.

5) Hire competent coders from IW/Treyarch/DICE.

6) Aiming > blindfiring.

7) More stopping power when aiming.

8) No silly nerfs based on community's whims.

9) Free DLC maps (KZ: SF says hi!)

10) No silly meta system (UC3 rare treasures or TLOU's clan system).

11) No tournament nonsense.

12) No 3TDM/FFA (Mercenary should be enough).

13) No McDonalds playground customization.

14) Bans should be issued on the PS+ account to prevent alt abuse.

15) XMB invites (like in TLOU MP) and the ability to join a friend's lobby through them without any penalty.

16) Allow players to back out (like in TLOU MP) if they want, but make sure that no party splits are caused by that.

17) Disable XMB sign out while playing online games (this is for Sony).

18) No leaderboards/stat cards at all.

19) Quad Co-op.

20) Co-op Campaign or more Co-op chapters.

21) 1080p remastered UC2/UC3 Competitive maps & UC2/UC3 Co-op Adventure maps (free & included on the disc).

22) A closed PS+ beta for 1 week and then a Summer 2014 beta (open for everyone) for 4 months!

23) The ability to see milliseconds instead of bars (make it a toggle -> bars or ms or bars & ms).

24) F2P from day 1 (people are gonna whine about PS+, so give them a way to play).

25) Glitch-free cinema mode and the ability to save cinema files in a USB stick.
26) Spectator mode and more options in Custom Game.
27) An option to late join friends.
28) See who's in a friend's party.
29) Boosters should be upgraded automatically based on a XP system (like in TLOU MP). UC3 boosters promoted boosting/farming.

30) 1080p remastered Rika Raja & Wetsuit Elena! Smiley Very Happy All Uncharted universe related skins should be available in UC4 MP and rendered in high quality.

31) Trophies should be achievable, skill-based (not luck-based) and they should not promote boosting/farming or hindering your team.

32) No Legacy system and no Level 80 (aka UC2 MP's levelling) either.

33) No missions.
34) No party splits.

35) IPv6 support for future proofness.
36) No Hunter

37) Separated Co-op Arena modes (like in UC2 MP).

38) MP install or the ability to cache the entire disc.

39) No silly skins (i.e. Capture Trooper, Nathan Hale) that don't belong in the Uncharted universe.

40) No dead body glitch.

41) Don't cater to laggers. 

42) Toned down lag compensation and no retroactive kills.

43) The ability to disable VoIP (voice chat) altogether (if the game is p2p).

44) Better team balancing. 


ps: I'll keep editing this post to add more ideas.
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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013

I'm not really woried about the technical details or the storyline (except that they MUST have a single player store). I'm more worried about their mentality when designing the MP, as in not making their MP a joke but actually trying to make it a competitive game. I already expect them to have a good to great SP but the MP had a lot of potential that went to waste. 

Wipe that smile off your face and get your tryhard face on!!!


Worst speed test ever.png


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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013
As long as they work on the glitches i dont care for the other stuff
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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013
1) Get a better writer for the SP than Hennig.
2) Don't let the lobotomised monkeys get their hands on the MP again.

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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013

monkeybutler100 wrote:
1) Get a better writer for the SP than Hennig.
2) Don't let the lobotomised monkeys get their hands on the MP again.


But she's so nice! Heart

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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013
Oh yeah, the sp story was so blah and forgettable though.

Multiplayer is where it took the biggest hit. Please don't allow those ppl who chose u3s multi direction to lead anything on thevteam again. Soooo much potential was wasted and never fixed to this day regardless of the amount if patches >_>

No more horribly glitchy and poorly programmed intros

Better netcode PLEASE!!!!!!!! Laggers should never be gods in a multi game -_-

Option for no aim assist or less with faster aiming speeds than the max snail speed we have atm :/

Main focus not revolving around power weapons!!! And please no pws in many awful players earning cheap kills on newbs there

Fix the awful animation priorities and take out useless animations >_> yh theres a lot that cause uneeded deaths. I've been on both sides....

Actual gameplay balance. U know like no m9 dominant abd blindfire autoaiming kills infested matches O_O

Is it tooo much to ask to have the team play this game to see the obvioud problems? :/
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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013
I want advanced testicular deformation for all characters, so the pump taunt can be realistically portrayed with swaying scr0tum action.


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Re: UNCHARTED 4: What needs to be done

Aug 25, 2013

I'll just address a few of your Multiplayer suggestions since im not really worried about the SP portion of the game, Uncharted was never a game with great writing it's all about the pacing if they can go back to the UC2 formula they will strike gold and hopefully they will make all their actors sign a contract forbidding them from doing other projects during the course of production and lastly if there is no 3D content won't end up being removed again.


Unto Multiplayer:


1 - I still think 8 vs 8 or 16 player Competitive Mulitplayer is what they should aim for and drop it to 12 players for Objective based modes.


2 - UC2 or Halo Ranking System Agreed.


3 - I disagree they should bring back more than 2 old maps there are a few classic maps from UC2 that I wold love to see return plus I'd love to see Yemen make a return, they should be grouped with other defualt Maps on the disc'. Also I think default maps should be reused SP environments creates better transition and then create new non story related Maps for DLC which is how it should have been in UC3 and I think they experimented with this thru BMM.


I think All DLC Map Packs should be free by the way, GG and Sony Santa Monica can do it and they're revenue from their MP games is far less than that of ND so there reallyis no excuses for them splitting the player pool unless they continue to be greedy.


4 - Yes I also want a map/ content creator.


5 - For Progressions system go back to UC2 way of doing it, sorry but i'd rather boosters and other stuff be unlocked once you reach a certain rank than people  just boosting to unlock everything.


6 - The Buddy System should stay don't understand why you would want it gone especially since ND seems incapable of getting spawns correct.


7 - There should be a reticule when Blindfiring justget rid of Auto Aim assist.


8 - Agreed about Assists i've always said I wish they had copied BF3, it's so annoying softening someone up only to have a greedy teammate come and steal the kill lol.


9 - Loadouts shold stay etc.


10 - Yes for Dedicated servers.. NO to server rentals.


11 - So basically you want a Ping Toggle filter, searching for Mics is pushing it though .. lmao sorry but that;s just asking for too much of ND especially since every PS4 comes with a Mic.


12 - For the Store I don't care what they sell in the store I support them selling whatever crap they choose to aslong as the DLC Maps/ Modes are free.


13 - I wouldn't mind Medal Kickbacks returning just aslong as they make them offensive and not defensive.


14 - Keep grenade throwbacks.



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