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Re: UC3 Co-op is Terrible in my opinion. How UC PS4 can be better.

Jan 21, 2014

Hielke6991 wrote:
Aiming for the head helps a lot indeed, and for some reason so does aiming for the legs **bleep**.

 Troll forum putting a random "**bleep**" at the end of my post to make it look like I sweared Smiley Tongue

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Re: UC3 Co-op is Terrible in my opinion. How UC PS4 can be better.

Jan 22, 2014

Another thing they need to improve in co-op is our spawns. 

I just played a co-op arena on London Streets with two randoms.
- Round 10

- Siege (closest to the shotgun spawn in TDM).
- Zero lives

- Three kills left to end the game.

One of my team mates and I die consecutively (the round doesn't restart because of the last person). I was able to spawn back right before my last team mate got downed, 5 seconds after I spawned,  

If anyone knows the Spawn in London Streets, you can guess exactly what happened. I spawned, got shot at from ten different directions and got downed instantly, basically ending the game.

I recommend to have not only one spawn but more and either we spawn farthest away from the enemies or we choose where we spawn like we can in Hunter Arena.


i.e In London Streets, we could be given the option to spawn in the TDM shotgun room, the gay bar, or the middle of the map with the option of also buddy spawning.


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Re: Co-op is Terrible in my opinion

Jan 29, 2014
I like co-op is fun. Sure it might have its flaws, but I'm sure ND will have vast improvements for the next gen of multiplayer on ps4 *cough*FEWERPATCHES*cough*
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