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Re: U3 Status Report-Opinions Welcomed

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Jan 15, 2013

wais_45 wrote:

Intro: U3 has turned 1 years old a while back and I've decided to make a status report of the game. This thread will discuss anything some of this games problems or anything that was included in the online portion of the game from; lag, technical issues, kickbacks, etc, and I will go more in depth in the op when I get some discussion going around. People can choose and talk about any of the topics that I picked and I will add great responses to the OP (whether they're negative or positive responses towards U3). I'll ask serious of questions to help get some discussions going around. 


What are your thoughts on lag at the moment? Black Ops 2 added a feature that can curve the lag and from personal experience, the amount of lag in Black Ops 2 is low. Do you think this can be added in U3? 

Latency can be annoying but I can tolerate it in some areas. The black ops 2 feature you mention, I think it could be implemented when the F2P version is introduced or in future projects from launch. I however won't be using the feature due to the player pool.


Do you think weapons are finally balance after a series of nerfs and buffs during U3's time?

Honestly, no. I don't think we will ever achieve perfect balance but comparing this build to the Subway beta build I'll say that I'd take the current build. If you were to suggest improvements to weapon balancing, I would say buff the Raffica, reduce the recoil of the G-MAL, reduce blindfire on the M9 and Para-9 and attempt to nerf the RoF mod.

What are your thoughts on the ROF?

Why is it in here? First the KAL, then the FAL, then the G-MAL (although the nerf was overkill in my opinion) now the RoF mods.


Emblems. Were you disappointed in the lack of options available?

Well I think of it as a way to prevent people from making inappropriate emblems, CoD suffers from people making such immature emblems. However I didn't really care much about my emblem.


How do you enjoy playing U3 despite all the technical issues that are persistent in the game
Well despite the flaws with the game, yes I do still enjoy the game. Yes some things can be frustrating but not to the point of me leaving and never coming back. Last night I had some really fun custom games with a group of people.

Do you think kickbacks are balanced?

See weapon balances. If you were to ask me what I could do to improve them ... I would make Creepy Crawler immune to revenge grenades as well as team-mates grenades. Juggernaut have team-safe bronze. Other than that I'll get back to you.


What are your thoughts on the new boosters introduced, carried from u2, or ones you thought they could have made up?

In all fairness fairly balanced but if anything I would make the revenge nades have more of a delay to explode.


In conclusion: the point of this thread is to get a status report on U3. I'll change the dat on the title every week and I will put great posts in the OP. I got great responses of Tack129 and FredFai but its somewhere deep in the U3 Facebook page so I have to get that. Also, you can write negative or positive things about U3. No negative attitude towards others or their opinions. Please. 

I can't remember what I've originally said, I've might have altered some things in the original post on the facebook group.


Thanks for the mention.

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Re: U3 Status Report-Opinions Welcomed

Jan 14, 2013

Lag isn't as hard to improve as many people think, it wasn't brilliant before but it was bareable, now it's almost intolerable due to the changes, if ND never made those changes I bet we'd mostly be satisfied that they didn't change things and break it by meddling and wouldn't be so hostile about the entire issue.


All they needed was the balls to man up and admit being wrong, but it's okay, they will probably admit they were wrong in 2 years when it's way too late like the Uncharted 2 scenario, or they just wont ever admit it. But that's okay anyway, I don't need clarification to know the changes were wrong, I already know it without them confessing it and so does everyone else who endures the lag daily.


I simply cannot fathom why ND don't understand the simple logistics that.. Playability > Fair Matchmaking.


Without playability being accounted for no game is fair so it actually just throws the whole concept out the window that they are trying to achieve.

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