Apr 12 2013
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Trouble playing online

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When I try and play online, I have a glitch that freezes the game and prevents me from doing anything but quiting the game. It has happened 3 times today, out of 4 times I have tried to played. It is getting really frustrating.

When I start a game with people, everything goes well. I get to the voting screen and i get to vote, but after that, sometime in the 40-50 second coutndown. The music stops, and the animation of the characters on the screen stop. I can still navigate into my profile, but I can not leave the match, and it will not start until I have left the lobby (I have been playing with people who have said that until I have left the lobby, they get the spinning ring). When I quit the game, the PS3 restarts and then I have to get into the game again, with the chance that the error might happen again. It has only been happening over the past few weeks, and never happened to me prior to the last update. 
If anyone could tell me what is wrong (whether it is the disc, my Play Station, or whether it is just an error that might be fixed with the next patch) it would be much appreciated.

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Re: Trouble playing online

Apr 12, 2013

Karl_Hates_GT5 wrote:

...or whether it is just an error that might be fixed with the next patch...

Smiley LOL


I don't know if you come here often, but believe me, Naughty Dog doesn't fix anything, they are famous for adding stat hats, tournament rewards and other crappy DLC, but they don't fix things, never...


the spinning ring you and friends are having is pretty common, I don't know what causes it though, hopefully some other people can help you out! Smiley Happy

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