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Re: Time being spent on Uncharted 3?

Oct 29, 2013

TheStuntDouble wrote:
Rule of thumb: if it's possible to cheat, people will cheat. Come on, man.

what? i guess i wasn't all that clear, i know that if it's possible, people will cheat regardless, but what i was saying is that if the leveling system was more reasonable (if you leveled up a hell of a lot faster (give more RP & cash for jobs or lower each level requirement) seriously the average you'll get in a game is around 1000 RP and level 100 is over 1.5 million RP???!!! that's absurd) than not as many people as there are right now will be trying to glitch to get a higher rank, several of the people glitching now would actually level up legit if they knew that they wouldn't have to spent months just to get to level 100 (which isn't even the highest level) ...

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