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Re: Throwbacks=No grenades at all?

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Dec 11, 2012

Try not to concentrate on actually getting nade kills if that makes sense. I mean think about it how many ppl kill someone headup with a nade. It's usually banked on unaware opponents or someone simply running into it. Think of nades more as a diversion for when your caught off guard or to flush out opponents.

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Re: Throwbacks=No grenades at all?

Dec 14, 2012

I'd like to see a booster that would make your grenades immune to throwback....Would be awesome.


I get so tired of everybody throwing back my grenades....Even when I try to throw them far enough away so that they can't.


I've gotten to the point where I usually wait for them to throw one....then I throw theirs back along with tossing a second....



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Re: Throwbacks=No grenades at all?

Dec 14, 2012

I don't understand why anyone would want to get rid of grenades.  It would take away another dimension of this game.  I also love the throwback feature.  It makes it so people can't sit back and camp, you can force them into movement or buy yourself some time to rush, flank or flee (if outnumbered). 


Why grenades are fun:


1) For that campy b@$tard in yemen on the sniping towers or who sits up top above the treasure chest in London Underground guarding the chest.  (Yeah.......I got a nade for your a$$)


2) For a great uplifting moment/change in momentum.  (Enemy throws a single mega bomb at you.....but your the throwback king and he doesn't know it.  You throw the Mega back and blow him and 2 of his teammates up!)


3) We all love this one!  Get **bleep**!  Someone throws a nade at you and begins shooting at you, you throw the grenade away and shoot them down with your long gun.  I guess their head start shooting at you didn't help Smiley Surprised(


4) Oh.....and lets be fair to the ragequitters out there.  Without grenades they couldn't grenade eachother when they are losing and then kick eachother from the match so they can go pout and cry in the lobby. 


5) My favorite reason to have grenades is because they work better than cloaked!  Ever had that moment when you just respawn and go immediately flying into the air to your death with nobody around you.  You look to see what happened.........yeah you got stealth naded!  Probably from some guy completely across the map or your own teammate.


6) Bank n boom- some people are so good at this............gotta give credit where its due when people use the environment to their advatage. 


7) Tap a QB - We all love this.........when your shooting a guy and he's 90% dead and he activates QB and taps that @ss.......gets you and then QB's your teammate.......then shoots down another 1 or 2 before  finally dying. 


8) For that Kal-7 usin, blindfireing in desert villlage R1 holdin dude..........I won't roll drop a grenade, I'll just lay one at my feet or bounce it off a low ceiling if there is one and keep sprinting.  You.......enjoy the grenade sir Smiley Surprised)


Grenades are fun.........this game would be boring without them.......always a good back up when in a tight situation or it could be your trump card.  There are 2 types of players.......ones who see a grenade and say oh s@it!!!!!! and ones who see grenades and say thank you. 

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