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Re: The KAL-7. **bleep** were you guys thinking?

Jan 16, 2013
Look, there's nothing wrong with blindfire. There's nothing wrong with using a shotgun. Heck, there wouldn't be anything wrong with using a Kal7 either IF blindfire wasn't sooo useful and easy to do. If blindfire didn't have the range it has now it would be fine.

I think Steel Fist has it's purpose for stealth and taking out a camper in CQC. I just don't think blindfire should hit from 50 feet away with the precision it does now. It didn't in U2. It shouldn't in U3.
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Re: The KAL-7. **bleep** were you guys thinking?

Jan 17, 2013

sanddude20 wrote:

Blennerville wrote:
its still way too hard/takes too much effort
cuz it would be much more accurate than the M9 and would also kill faster.
i needs a buff in its aiming accuracy cuz it is a weak gun.


So you want to buff it because it's to hard for you to use? Wow...if that's your reason I'm done arguing here.

could you please go back to school for a few years and CONCENTRATE

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