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May 7, 2013

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On topic.

What exactly do you want to happen? No quitting? What if I REALLY need to leave now? What if my internet drops? There's tons of things that could happen RL that would make someone leave a game.


Unless there's a way to stop time, quitting can and WILL happen.


Seriously, I'm not going to be late for school because someone in my team wants me to stay in a match.

That's understandable quitting, when players quit because the teams are imbalanced and before anyone says that Uncharted 3 has bad team balance, play Black Ops 2 for a little bit. You think getting matched with 5th legacies is bad, I get matched with 10th prestige players and Im only a prestige 2.


Anyway most players on Uncharted just quit whenever they see one or two players that are better than average. I know this one guy I run into alot in Objectives,he just leaves as soon as the match starts, even when I play solo he just ragequits without even trying.

I thonk I know the guy who your talking about. Does he put the word "sky" in his clan tag?

No he doesn't but I also have played that guy a few times.

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May 8, 2013

Cherry_Ronde wrote:

I just played a TO match where we started as 2 vs 4 and ended the match as 3 vs 5. When it was 3 vs 4 the other team got a late joiner and no one else joined us for the remainder of the match...

I assume late joins were meant to balance games where someone left, but this is some ridiculous team placing. It should be 4v4, not 3v5. 

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