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Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide *Version 2.0*

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Have you ever seen that little piece of grey metal on the ground? Wonder what it's for and ever wonder why it never moves? Hi, I'm slaynma-*COUGHCOUGH* I mean riot man, and this is a guide on how to use the riot shield. This shall go over every little thing I know regarding this portable piece of protection (with later updates regarding new info or just stuff I forgot), all in little, easy to read sections. Aren't I nice? Anyways, let us move on.



  1) Why pick up the riot shield?


Well why not? If you're new to the game or new to the riot shield, then it will take some getting used to, but that what this is here for. Let us go over what the positives and negatives of using the shield.


The Positives


+ Portable cover

+ Can unequip to put on your back

+ Can protect you from explosions as well as bullets

+You can still melee with a riot shield

+ You can shoot your gun and throw grenades while using a riot shield

+ Is effected by boosters

+ People will whine and complain at you


Portable cover

It's called a shield for a reason. This thing will make sure you get hit by way less bullets and increase your survivability by 100%!*actual results may vary. You can still move around with a riot shield, but slowly (and moving will expose your feet, but don't worry, moving with your riot shield is recommended).


Can unequip to put on your back

Don't like moving around so slowly with a riot shield? Well don't worry. If you switch to your pistol your character will put the shield on his back, making you move at normal speeds as well as protecting your back. Enemies can still shoot at your legs, arms, and head so don't think you're safe (especially while climbing). Your character does everything normally with a shield on his back, from climbing to running speed.


Can protect you from explosions as well as bullets

If you don't move at all, your character will stand still (duh) and put the riot shield right on the ground, protecting you from explosion damage. So if there's a grenade next to you, stand still in front of it and you shall be safe. Most people will try to hit you with explosions from the side, so be wary of that.


You can still melee with a shield

  Press square and voila! You got 20 pounds of metal in someone's face. When using a riot shield, close quarter combat is where you will be most of the time, so melee is key when using the shield (since your using the shield itself to melee, you leave yourself exposed while doing it). From the front and kind of on the side you are immune to someone trying to melee you, giving you a nice advantage in CQC


You can still shoot or throw grenades while using a shield

Whether it's blind-fire, aiming, randomly throwing or calculating your arc, you can do it all while having a shield in front of you. So if someone is very close to you, you don't to aim. If someone is far away, you don't to put the shield away to throw a grenade.


Effected by boosters

  The riot shield is no exception to uncharted online. It is still a weapon so you'll still move faster with fleet foot, still climb faster with monkey man, still switch instantly with weapon expert (no 2 mods though, but a man can dream), etc etc.




The Negatives


For every up there is a down. Yes the riot shield has its noticeable drawbacks, but do not fear for you can still own people left and right. Just be sure you know your shield, or you're the one who is going to get owned.


- It can break

- You no longer have a long gun

- You are completely vulnerable at the back

- You can still be knocked down while using a shield

- You are a target for the enemy

- Riot shield sucks in co-op

- Riot shield affected by stopping power

- Certain tactics can easily counter the riot shield

- People will whine and complain at you


It can break

Crazy right? The shield can protect you but if it takes too much damage BAM! There goes your shield in little bits on the floor. Now this may not seem like much right? Just retreat and fight another day? Well you are wrong. You see, after it breaks (whether it's on your back or in your hands) the force of it shattering will cause your character to stumble and be totally open to some lead croutons for his death salad for around 4 seconds (which is way than more than enough to for someone to kill you). Luckily the riot shield will show battle damage indicating you how close it is from breaking.


You no longer have a long gun

This is the main reason why not many people use the riot shield; it takes up your long gun slot leaving you with only a pistol. Now this leaves you at a little disadvantage since long guns are your main killing tool, and pistols don't have much ammo. So if you're on a streak, you'll be scrounging around for another gun by then.


You are completely vulnerable at the back

If only it was a 360 degree shield. Unfortunately the riot shield only covers your front and some of your sides, leaving you open to ambushes and people stealth killing you. Now you can put it on your back like I said previously which will protect you from stealth kills, but not melee and bullets in the legs/arms/head (and due to hitboxes being unified, having the shield on your back won't reduce damage).


You can be knocked down with a shield

When people see a shield, they immediately want to throw an explosive at it, making your rioting life miserable. If you don't evade the explosion you will be knocked down, leaving you open to a lead sandwich. (This can be fixed with team safe, but that is a topic for later on).


You are a target for the enemy

Now this may be just my own personal experiences kicking in, but when you're in a heated battle with multiple people, or in a hill for team objective, 9 times out of 10 the enemy team will focus on the big ol' shiny riot shield. Now this may vary of course, but having a riot shield makes you stand out, meaning that some cover will not completely hide you and some people may focus on you more.


Riot shield sucks in co-op

This is self-explanatory. There are multiple enemies, all shooting at you and your teammates. People with stronger weapons (like the magic sniper shotgun, or a militia man) will cut through your shield like butter, leaving you open to become Swiss cheese. As much as I like the riot shield, I don't pick it up or use the riot kickback in co-op.


Riot shield affected by stopping power

If you get hit by something like a burst from the G-mal, you will stop in your tracks and be barely able to move, well same thing for the riot shield. Getting hit too many times will cause you to move slower than an uncharted 2 GAU user, and since the riot shield has way more health than a player, this can happen many times. Here is a video showing how stopping is on the riot shield.




Certain tactics can easily counter the riot shield

The Sas-12, dragon, and hammer/RPG were almost designed to ruin your rioting day. The Sas-12 goes through your riot shield completely if they get close enough, the sniper can hit your feet easier than other guns while breaking your shield in 3 hits, and the Hammer/RPG explode next to you instantly. Be wary of these weapons when using a shield.



2) Damage chart

Like I said the shield takes damage, but it depends on what is hitting you. Now when you look at this chart, you'll notice that the riot shield takes damage differently than a player.




                                        Weapon Type    # of Hits to Break

Arm MicroAutomatic30
Dragon SniperSingle Shot3
G-Mal3 Round Burst33
Kal 7Automatic30
Mag-5Single Shot9
MK-NDI GrenadeExplosive3
Pak 80Automatic12
PistoleDouble Barrel3
Propane TankExplosive3
Raffica3 Round Burst35
SAS-12Pump Action3
Sawed-Off ShotgunDouble Barrel3
Tau SniperSingle Shot9
T-BoltSingle Shot2


You can see the pattern of guns in the same category doing around the same amount of damage, also lol@ turret damage.


Hardcore and double damage

When playing hardcore, or having the unfortunate double damage power play on you, the riot shield says F your special rules and takes the exact same amount

of damage. So you don't have to worry about different damage charts for different game modes.




Riot shield Location Chart


Map                                   TDM*      Team Obj.  Plunder

City of Brass000
Desert Village000


London Streets2N/AN/A
London Underground000
Lost City222
Molten Ruins222
Old Quarters000
Train Wreck000




*TDM applies to 3TDM and Hardcore as well


** The riot shields do not respawn on fort


The number of riot shields may change from game mode to game mode, but the spawns will stay the same no matter what ( so if a map has 2 shields on TDM, but 1 on plunder, one of those two spots in TDM will be the spot the 1 shield shows up in plunder). They're big, shiny, pieces of metal, I'm pretty sure you can find them yourself.


 3) Boosters Kickbacks and Weapons


You thought you could just pick up a riot shield and start kicking donkeys? Slow down there man, you got to know what goes good with a riot shield before you start using it. So let's go over what goes good with a riot shield then.




Beast mode *recommended slot 1*

Beast mode lets you carry heavy objects faster and guess what; the riot shield is one of those. Beast mode also lets you carry the Pak-80, propane tanks, and the idol faster so using the riot shield during plunder is a good strategy. You move pretty slowly without beast mode so this is my recommended booster to use.


Below is a video showing the speed difference of beast mode level 3, and no beast mode.



Weapon Expert

Having this will let you put two mods on your pistol, and having it silver will let you change between the shield and pistol instantly! Using weapon expert is great for maps with mostly CQC areas, or if you're finding yourself being ambushed a lot.


Below is a video showing the weapon change difference of weapon expert silver and no weapon expert.



Team Safe*recommended slot 2*

Making sure you don't **bleep** off your teammates by killing them is always a good thing, but what you're after here is the other function of this booster. You can't get knocked down while using team safe, making this nullify one of the bigger weaknesses of the riot shield. Unfortunately you will still get knocked down if your shield breaks, so no way out of that one.


Below is a video of the difference of having team safe, and not having team safe on.




You run out of pistol ammo fairly fast in this game, and since it's your only gun while using the riot shield, that's a problem. Luckily daredevil will fix this problem, and give you grenades to boot. Why not ammo award? The riot shield is used for close quarters (as mentioned above) so using daredevil will be more beneficial. Just be sure to be using a fast taunt while having this booster on.




Now kickbacks are personal preference really, but I'll list a couple that can go well with the riot shield if used right.



Andale! Andale! Arriba! Arriba! Ahem, anyway's. Speedy-G is a booster not used very often, due to it not granting you super easy fast kills. For 7 medals you move around insanely fast for 20 seconds (it's slightly faster than sprint for comparison). Now there are a couple other features with this kickback. You can sprint right before activating it making you sonic the hedgehog for a short time, and you gain the aiming movement speed of fleet foot level 3. Now this does work while using a riot shield, making it extremely easy to catch up to people, or prevent people from getting behind you.


Smoke Bomb

Don't have team safe? Is your riot shield breaking too much? Well no worries! Using smoke bomb will allow you to teleport to a safe part of the map 100% of the time*Actual results may vary*. Now you may not like using non-offensive kickbacks, and that's all right, but you'll be screwed if someone breaks your riot shield either way, unless you have smoke bomb on.


Mega Bomb

I love this kickback, but that isn't a reason to why you should use it. A costly kickback that you don't see very often, it will explode everything in its deceptive explosion radius. This paired with the riot shield means you can throw a mega bomb close and live to tell the tale. If people are closing in on you, you got a nice, explosive option. This will obviously damage your riot shield and if you're right next to the grenade, you will die anyway.


Creepy Crawler

This is used the exact same way as smoke bomb, except it's twice as many medals and makes you safe no matter what while turning you into a swarm of deadly spiders. Not recommended for maps with multiple high places (so use on a map like Temple, not on a map like Highrise).


Power Weapon Kickbacks

When you activate one of these (whether it's RPG, T-bolt, or Shottie) it will instantly replace your long gun slot and give you the weapon you desire, and since the riot shield takes up your long gun slot, well you can see where this is going. Going straight from a riot shield to 2 barrels of metal pointing at someone's face will scare the crap out of them, and give you a sweet advantage. I don't know why you would pick t-bolt though, quick-scope maybe? I don't know.




Don't use the Tau. This now concludes the weapons portion o-what? . . . You want more? Well fine then. This all comes down to personal preference, so I'm not going to recommend anything.



With a blind-fire mod this thing becomes as good as a micro, and it's accurate too. It takes 3 bullets and one melee to take someone down, so make sure you're counting your bullets before exposing yourself with a shield smack. I would say use Marlowe's Para, but I doubt you have it, so use the jade Para since it's the most common one.


Arm Micro

This beautiful blind-fire beast will make sure you have a better chance at any close quarter situation. Now you can aim the micro (unlike the Kal) but it may take some practice due to the recoil. You can use any micro you feel like, rate of fire, Talbot's, Sully's, whatever you have unlocked.



A mix of the Para and micro, or it's supposed to be. Decent accuracy with a better rate of fire than a Para, but mediocre blind-fire. I say you have to use Elena's Raffica due to the blind-fire mod making the blind-fire usable (or just use weapon expert). 2 bursts and a melee will kill anybody who doesn't live in Brazil.


Tau Sniper

No, even when they buffed it still no



4) Known Riot Shield Glitches/Bugs

Ya, there are enough that it has it's own section. Sad really


Grenade throw glitch

When you throw a grenade, everything is fine and dandy,  but throw a grenade with a shield, and it has a small chance of sticking to your shield and landing right next to you (this first happened to me with a mega bomb, I was not pleased).


Below is a video showing this glitch.



Battle damage glitch

When your riot shield gets damaged, it slowly looks more and more broken till it finally falls to pieces. For some reason though it will not always show that. I don't know what causes this, but pick up random shields off the ground with caution, for you may not know if it's going to take 20 bullets or 2 to break.


Zombie glitch

Nothing serious or game-breaking, just funny. Here is a video on what it looks like.



No sound glitch

  When you're shooting someone with a riot shield, they will not notice you at first. Why you may ask? Cause when shooting with the riot shield your bullets makes no tracers or sound. Not intentional, but a nice bonus


After 1.13, this glitch no longer happens.


That's not how you hold a riot shield

  A funny glitch where your character is slightly floating while carrying the riot shield over his head. There is no purpose for this, it just looks funny. Below is a video showing this hilarious glitch.


Turret Glitch

After some certain conditions, your gun will still be there, but the trick is you aren't shooting regular old bullets, you are shooting turret rounds! This one could actually be useful, but not worth it (and glitches in public games = bad!) so no point in trying it. The turret will shoot whenever you point as long as it's within view of the actual turret (so you could be on the other end of the map, but shoot a guy who is in range of the turret).

After 1.13, this glitch is no longer doable





Ghost Shield

When people are close enough (or just have a shotgun on them) the blindfire of their weapon will sometimes ignore your shield, infuriating yourself and leaving a riot rocker's corpse on the ground. This is one of the biggest flaws of the riot shield and hopefully it gets fixed in the future


  5) Advanced Tactics

Now this is the kind of stuff that's either pretty situational, or not extremely easy to do. This is what separates a good riot shield user from a great one/


Throwing back grenades

To some people this may not be hard, to some people they may wonder why they keep picking up a gun and exploding. You can still throw back grenades while using a riot shield, which is a way better option than letting your shield absorb the damage. If you're throwing back a grenade and someone is shooting at you, Your character moves his shield around when throwing one back leaving you open to bullets.


Kick offs/Pull downs

If you have a riot shield in front of you, and see a guy hanging, you don't have to switch to kick them off. Be warned that the enemy can still pull you down (if they know they can do it).


Switching instantly without weapon expert

There are situations that can make you have your riot shield out instantly in battle. The first is jumping from a location higher than the enemy and switching tot he shield in mid-air. The other is when you are behind some cover and switch to your riot shield (which will make you go out of your cover and instantly go to the shield).


Which way to strafe

Your character will actually be safer if they are strafing to the left then to the right with a shield (while aiming your gun). It may not be highly noticeable, but it could stop that 1 bullet from killing you.


Melee perfection

You must be great at CQC to use a riot shield effectively. Know when to roll (yes you can do a melee then roll with a shield), how many bullets till you should melee, throwing back point blank grenades, the works. I'm not saying you need to be the best Uc3 player to be good with it, just know your stuff.


Stay away from riot shield counters

Know a guy has a shotgun? Stay away from him. Know a person is sniping? Don't get in his view, even if you have a shield since you can only protect yourself from 3 hits (3rd hit breaks the shield, they have 2 bullets left in their clip. Do the math). If someone has a RPG/ hammer, well it's common sense to avoid a guy with those, shield or no shield.




6) Your role as a Riot Rocker


Team Deathmatch

In this game mode you can do whatever you want, no seriously. The only objective is to kill the other team, so just make sure you kill the other team. Going positive is your main goal so just kill some noobs and have fun (this applies to hardcore and 3TDM as well). In marked man, you'll have a better chance of surviving or letting the marked man survive.


Team Objective

Now this is where you start working for the team. With a riot shield in your hands your main goal is to hold hills as long as possible. If you're using a riot shield setup for your loadout, you will most likely not have anything to help you traverse the map (excluding speedy-g of course), so either protect the hill you're at or try to get to another uncaptured hill. Being the marked man means you can survive easier or protect the marked man (like tdm). Keep in mind the riot shield spawns sometimes switch around or are gone in this mode.



Now your main goal here is to run out the clock and try to get as many kills as possible, you see that way you ca- oh sorry, nobody would ever do that in plunder. Your main goal is to be the treasure bearer and get dat idol man! Beast mode, team safe, and a shield means you'll be hard to take down, and if you are killed, you'll have the treasure way farther then anyone else. You could also hinder the enemy team from scoring if you're at their chest, due to the shield protecting you from bullets and melee (apparently idol melee as well, but it's a bit iffy).



Were you not paying attention?




7) Final words

Thanks to GameHeadAche and Aimanem for helping me with the damage chart and video demonstrations, and thanks to Ive_msg for the non-stupid looking charts. I hope you enjoyed this little guide, and hopefully after some practice, you'll go from a shield boy to a Riot Man!




Forum's Rioters

Slaynman - The guy who was doing it before everyone else, god **bleep** hipster

AbNoRmaL_aGenT - some noob

gunnsandwiches42 - I have no idea actually, so I'm just going to say he's good




Random signature stuff

So I asked buster-kun if he could help me with this, and he kindly obliged, so thanks to him for this.


Supporting sigs left and right, well I might as well join. Do you like the riot shield? Are you a riot rocker? Do you just like this guide? Well why not put it in your sig to show it! For the low low price of free*actualpricesmayvaryYou can have your very own riot sig.



Here's some big ones




   and here's some little ones








Thanks for reading.


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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

The OP editing button is in the Action tab. It's in right of your OP.

2 shield melee = kill?

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

FredFai wrote:

The OP editing button is in the Action tab. It's in right of your OP.

2 shield melee = kill?


Ya it does, and I got to wait at least 15 minutes before editing (since I didn't set this as a question, it give me time to).

Edit: Wait, it's been 15 minutes, and I still can't edit it. Stupid forum.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

Greatest post of all time and space.  Thanks muchly for this.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

Sorry for the abrupt changes of color and the damage chart looking a little messed up, I didn't notice and this stupid forum will never let me edit anything.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

i actually learned something from your post and has made me want to try out the riot shield. maybe ill get a rampant with it .

if you ever get a rampant with a riot, post it here so we can all get jelous

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

Well I can't edit the original post, as usual. So you're stuck with the random colors and damage chart looking stupid, along with no updates until I can magically edit it, but I haven't able to edit OP's ever since I came on this forum.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

You forgot to mention the advantages of the zombie glitch! Distract your enemies with wtfness! Great post by the way, the damage chart is extremely useful. ;P WAIT DERP, nevermind. I just saw the glitch in your post, i'm blind.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

Great post. The riot is way underused in this game. Myself, I grab one whenever I can. But other players would be surprised how useful it is. You dont have to stick with it the whole match--picking it up for one encounter can benfit you. Let the experimenting begin.

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Re: Riot Man's rioting ways of rioting with the riot shield: The guide

Mar 17, 2012

Riotception: The Thread.

Sorry, I had to LOL anyways, great post and I'll have to start using the Shield more unless you steal it all the time when we play...

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