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Re: Rika Raja

Jan 19, 2013
For the love of god, stop with the "give me this skin" threads.

Like honestly less than 1% of the uncharted player pool probably care. On top of that ND already said they weren't doing it.

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Re: Rika Raja

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Jan 19, 2013

Dude it's over stop asking.......if they were gonna add the skin it would've been there November 1 2011 its January 19 2013 and still nothing.......

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Re: Rika Raja

Jan 19, 2013

If we want her back then we will have to push for it for Uncharted 4.

I still think they will forget characters in their own franchise and instead opt for the easy option of fat skins and power rangers. Also even if she does get in the multiplayer I bet it will be DLC. They will try and make us play as the main characters from UC4 first. *Yawn* Give me Rika back.

Also don't split the stat hats between the characters next time. Such a stupid design decision. Oh unless you want to make more money making consumers buy hats multiple times between character skins and custom skins. Yuck.

All hats for all skins. I want to play as Rika with the stat hat I want to wear. Making me choose between them is rediculous.

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