Feb 24 2013
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Reunion Cut Scene will not trigger

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I am currently on Reunion and cannot get the cut scene to trigger after you scale up the tower.  I have tried multiple different options to correct the issue from deleting save files, starting the mission over, restoring file system, deleted patch 1.09, all to no avail.  I noticed that there was some dialogue that appeared to be missing and I verified that it was missing.  It is right after Nathan climbs through the double window after and Elena is telling Nathan that she sees the monsters.  It should be as follows, but I only get her first line.  If anyone has any additional ideas I am game.  I want to kick into Uncharted 3.

Elena: Nate... There's something strange going on over here. There's some sort
of animals.

Nathan: Yeah, I probably should have warned you about them.

Elena: Warned me? Wait, you knew about these things? When were you planning on
telling me?

Nathan: Just lay low and stay out of their way.
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Re: Reunion Cut Scene will not trigger

Feb 25, 2013
So after I post it finally worked. Re-installed the 1.09 again... not sure if that did the trick or just luck.
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