Sep 12 2013
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Requesting help with a serious attempt at an Uncharted / Sly Cooper crossover.

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I highly doubt this post is even going to be read, but I figured that these forums are one of the places where I would most likely find the help I'm looking for. Despite it's rather usual premise, I would really like to make a story that stays true to series historical mystery feel. So far I have about 24k words down and most of the plot worked out. Before I continue though. I would really love to have a fellow Uncharted fan, one who's familiar with the series cannon, to bounce some idea's off of in hopes of seeing how well they “fit” within the established storyline post Uncharted 3.


To give a feeling for the story I've posted the first chapter here:


If anyone is willing to take up the task please, P.M.; I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you to anyone even willing to look at this post!

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