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Re: Rage quitting

Apr 19, 2013

**bleep** some of ya'll take UC3 so serious lol.

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: Rage quitting

Apr 20, 2013

The matchmaking and lag in this game is horrible.  If I have to deal with lopsided teams or ridiculous lag I will quit every time.  I could care less about the stupid stats.  It's hilarious how people have to party up just so they can get easy wins. 


What really needs to happen is a change in party matchmaking.  There should be a mode for parties of 5.  That mode should be ONLY for parties of 5 (If you don't have a party of 5 then you go play with randoms).  If you are playing in other modes with randoms then there should be only 2 people allowed to party together while the rest is filled with randoms.  It's the only way matchmaking will get better.

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