Mar 27 2012
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Problem with purchased DLC.

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I recently re-bought UC2 since I was disappointed with UC3. I knew something was wrong as soon as I started up the game as I had to re-download all the updates.

I eventually got onto the main menu, then went into multiplayer like normal, but then unlike normal it took about a half hour to load multi-player. It kept popping up something like, syncing LiveData.

I finally got onto the multiplayer screen but there was no sign of the DLC I bought around a year ago.I bought both the Drakes Fortune and Siege DLC.

So I went to the PlayStation Store and found the DLC i had bought but instead of asking me to download it asked me to buy.

Even though I know I bought the DLC, I checked my DL history and transaction history, and the DLC is there, which is strange. It states clearly how much money I took out and how much it cost to buy the DLC.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I also bought the game from an Irish company so its not a region problem, I checked the code just in case, its BCES-00727, just like on the DLC in the store.

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