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Re: Post any unfair players here.

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Aug 8, 2013

tapantaola wrote:

Zidane_Finito wrote:

tapantaola wrote:

TheStuntDouble wrote:
First, you can't blacklist people.
Second, lagging isn't cheating. I didn't realize not having a decent Internet is cheating. What's next, having a new controller is cheating?

Yeah, it is borderline cheating:

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1) Didn't see that coming, did yah?? Smiley Very Happy 


2) Ouch! luckily the lag isn't back to those levels yet it's getting there especially in the default player pool since any & everyone has access to UC3 there.

1) LOL, the game is clearly trolling me.


2) Nah, you won't see lagalicious paranormal phenomena in the Default pool. More players = more chances to find someone in your region


It's not a coincidence that I've seen the worst lag in the DLC pool...

The games trolls us all man lol.


And maybe it's just me but for like the last month I've encounter worse in lag in the default player pool & that's the only time I see the DBG or when I die I can't respawn... DLC has lag too but unless I run into a Party of Asians or South Americans games runs as smooth as they can based on who is host.


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