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Re: Players' thoughts on the state of U3 MP at the moment (after patch 1.14)

Aug 29, 2012

As of now, I love it. Moreso than Uncharted 2 multi and even I like that one. There is still a few issues here and there. I'm going to be a bit ungrateful however I do yearned for the rest of U2 skins and adding few Golden Abyss characters, too. Other than that, this multi offers so much more than U2 is many, many ways. Fast paced mixed with adventure style. 

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Re: Players' thoughts on the state of U3 MP at the moment (after patch 1.14)

Aug 29, 2012

scott7000 wrote:

It's horrible the game is geared toward people with low skill levels kal7,revenge,rof, nobody aims anymore and your rewarded for not aiming which is ridiculous in a shooter. blindfire is king everyone has an m9 waiting for you to turn a corner to blindfire you or zig zag and blindfire at you remember running and gunning is always more accurate than aiming I mean aiming is always more accurate than running and gunning lol.


Even elite players I have watched in cinemas it's all the same thing one big blindfire fest. Plunder and objectives isn't based on skill or tactics it's based on who can blindfire the best objectives is just one huge mess spawn run towards a circle spin in circles with your flynn m9 hope you kill someone die repeat.


I've lost almost all interest in this game over the last two weeks it just hasn't been fun for me recently hopefully I'll get interested again but until I actually start dying and or losing because people are actually better players than me which I have no problem with and not because they can blindfire and zigzag better than me I doubt that's going to happen.



Couldn't have said it better. Blindfire/hipfire needs to be destroyed as much as the Gmal is now.


Btw, the Gmal now has zero advantages. It has almost no stopping power so blindfire scrubs own you. It has annoying recoil but that's not really all that bad (but still makes it slower at killing anything than any other gun in practical situations). It has no practical blindfire ability. It is actually harder to aim while scoped in now. Distance it is beat by Dragon and and at most on par with the other guns.


On the flip side, the M9 has no disadvatages now. Sure it's not good at really long distances but since when does anyone use it for that? The way the game is made you can move forward and get within optimal M9 range without an issue. It is more effecient at killing than any other gun in the game. The Fal is pretty good, the AK is mediocre, the Kal is way too effective, the Dragon is good situationally. Gmal is dead. Only noobs and people grasping at straws use the gmal. This coming from the most recent addition to the M9 RoF Noob team.



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