Feb 23 2014
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Player level cap

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So I have been playing on my boyfriend's PS3, which we bought the game new and had the multiplayer code and everything. Now I bought my own PS3. I understand that now multiplayer is free UP TO level 15. What if I put his "used" game disc in my PS3 (without the multiplayer code). Will I lose all of my progress and get capped at level 15? Or since I played for such a long time I will remain at the level I am at, even without the multiplayer code? I'm scared to try before asking ^^'

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Re: Player level cap

Feb 23, 2014
Well, you'll need an Online Pass to use the Disc version of Multiplayer on your PS3, it won't let you access it otherwise. But you'll remain the same rank, nothing will be effected, however you will level up on the disc version, and you will be able to use more stuff.

I used the disc version for over a year, when I downloaded F2P I was still rank 75, all my weapons, boosters, kickbacks, skins, XP, cash and stats remained the same, but the latter three wouldn't progress any further on the F2P add-on.

Buying a GOTY disc would be the best option, and then you can both play Co-op too. Smiley Tongue
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Re: Player level cap

Feb 24, 2014

Ooo so I can't even access multiplayer without the online pass. Mmkay, I guess I'll buy a NEW one then! Thanks!

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