Apr 26 2013
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Online Connectivity Issues/GAME CRASHING?

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(I posted this in the MP Forums, but I just noticed these forums.)

Has anyone else been having issues connecting online on UC3?

I've been trying to play online but the game keeps freezing once the announcement box thingy pops up.

Any help?


EDIT - I just decided to play some story mode on hard. Then the game crashes?!

What is going on?


ANOTHER EDIT - I'll give some more info.

Okay, so I started up playing UC3 again recently (at around beginning of April 2013) after not playing it since June 2012. The first few days I didn't notice any problems, maybe a lagswitcher or two, but anyway nothing was wrong. I was playing UC3 online everyday after that.

Then, since about last week, it's hard to even connect to MP. I mean, it took a while to load, I sometimes would have to quit the whole game then reboot it for MP to work.

THEN, since about Tuesday, I can't even load up MP. A error message saying "Failed to connect to server" or "Could not load maps" or something kept popping up. I couldn't really find a way through it. When I took the co-op route of getting to competitive MP, the game would freeze as soon as the announcement screen pops up.

I really don't think that I'm the only one having this problem, since a friend of mine actually said he can't even connect to MP because the game says he needs to download the online pass, which he already did.

Does anyone have any tips? Has anyone else been having issues similar to this?


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