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Re: The "OMG THAT WAS AWESOME!!1one!" Thread.

Apr 18, 2013
1: We were in Treasure Hunter, inside the hut where you find the Villain plunder chest, and a load of enemies were assaulting us with a Hammer and miscellaneous weapons. I was alone against four people. I came out, and this is what happened...

I hit ALL FOUR of them with the idol. Whack random guy, whack Hammer holder, whack another random guy, and whack a Marlowe who decided to do some sort of dead body glitch (by here I died and the match ended with a win), so I practically killed everyone on the team when one opponent left. I was like Smiley Very Happy Forget T-Bolts and $2,000 cash-ins, the Idol is the only thing you need to massacre an army of four.

2: Museum, I was at the place where you find the T-Bolt (Right of the front of the big building), I was attempting to make a pull-down, but the enemy retreated, so I dropped down, and just as he makes a jump too short for the balcony, I whip out my Dragon and BAM! Pull!-style headshot! It's what all the pros put in their montages! Cry on that, DeFy! (No offense, they have a pretty good teamtage too)

3: We were on Fort, King of the Hill, the hill was at the corner of the cliff/wall thingy, I spawn, sprint towards the hill, then somebody suddenly attacks me with AK, I throw a grenade and die, then the grenade got somebody in the hill and I got a Hail Mary medal (no Afterlife? stupid patch 1.17)

All of these were in Team Objective, all of these I used the Tenzin + Yak Head skin, and only 1 & 2 I got a cinema of.

Also, Cave plunder FITHs and MOAR HAIL MARREHS!
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