Mar 19 2013
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Now i Got 3 Ucharted 3 .U3 normal and 2 goty . Cool isn't?!

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Bought  2 Discs Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception goty Edition Bluray.  Because i was thinking that maybe my Bluray is broken . Well Not .   Both GOTY Games Doesn't work well . multiplayer just impossible to play. getting  stuck in mp menu with other players and black background.  I Tried Everything . restoring, building data many times. even tried with  methode with  u2. didn't worked. at least give us codes to download DLC'S mp. maps, skins and other stuffs to persons who have same problems as i do.  because its not fair at all. i bough 3 times your game thinking maybe  It will working. yeah right! i want to ask you : ''Where is U3 Drake's Deception Game Of The Year On PSN Store Europe? I Went To USA Store There is GOTY Edition .but on EU Store Are Not. Separated stuff i don't wanna buy . it cost to much.
And If Nobody Will Do Anything About It . I Will NoMore Buy  Any Game From You Guys

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