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Re: New update (1.17.083)

Jun 8, 2013

Zidane_Finito wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

Zidane_Finito wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

lucascampanha wrote:

Aureilia wrote:

Bringing back the two labs I hated.. Awesome.

You hated Mesh Map 6? I thought you liked..
I know is a sniper map but is the only one I like! :X
Smiley Tongue


Nope. I hate 6 and 7 more than the rest.


Sniper maps promote camping, I don't like campers.

To be fair you really can't camp on BMM #6 lol

I can. I do. We team camp the top. two cover each side and one cover the center and the sides, one of us may die from time to time but buddy respawn sticks you back up there.

unless the other team is incompetent no team can camp at the top, there are way too many too ways to get up there.


Second if you guys are camping if the other team is smart they'll simply hide forcing you guys to venture out.


it's also pretty easy to snipe at you guys from the bottom than being up top & having to expose yourself to get a proper view to snipe.


I've also went 20+ - single digits KDR with an automatic gun on this map it's a great map caters to every play style imo.

I know my team, they wouldn't, they'd rather play out a 0-0 match than leave the captured ground.


It's not as easy to snipe 5 co-ordinated players, sure if it was 5v5 in two parties, maybe. but otherwise theres no hope.


Randoms are just not co-ordinated.

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