Aug 16 2012
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New problems since the patch 1.13

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Since downloading the patches released recently, I've been experiencing some trouble. These problems were uncommon before the patch, but since the install, they are now regular in every single match:


- I'm not being spawned back into a game for up to 4 mins, after being killed, and the counter going to 0


- Grenades have been going through walls, or sometimes floating in mid air. Sometimes, it's only a red cloud of colour, and no grenade at all. Revenge grenades have also not been damaging some players at all, in very close proximity, without being thrown away. Also it seems that I am able to grab a enemy grenade from up to approx. 7-10 feet away from my character.


- When I am occasionally spawned into any game type, I instantly get killed, regardless of any players nearby. This happens frequently now. The character gets thrown into the air (like a grenade explosion), however it says in the corner, that my player simply died. Sometimes the last enemy I encounter in a gun blaze earlier will randomly get the kill, regardless if they are now near me or not. This is probably the worst glitch yet.


- Players have been getting stuck in the environment.


- Certain players, including myself in competative matches, have occasionally become invunerable to any damage.


- I keep loosing connection with other players in matches and getting kicked out, despite my connection being a rather good speed.


- Players have been attacking me after I run behind cover or to a different area, but the damage still registers despite enemy fire not actually making any contact. In opposition to this, some players have been shot for longer than normal, and seemed completely unharmed.


This need some serious looking into. It seems that it's either a lagg based problem or the actual patch itself has brought this. I never used to experience these kind of problems before installing it.



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