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Re: Nathan Fillion not planning to star in Uncharted movie

Apr 30, 2013

sanddude20 wrote:

/> <-- Elena


/> Drake


/> cutter

/> marlowe


/> talbot

/> Salim

/> Ramses

/> Sully

/> Chloe

Give nolan a good tan, and a new hairdo, and it should be good.. Not to be mean also, but in UC3 is it me or did they completly change Chloe, she looks way more tan, and with much more makeup. 

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Re: Nathan Fillion not planning to star in Uncharted movie

Apr 30, 2013

She always looked really dark to me. Personally i think thats the one actor that mostly doesn't match their character out of all the people I listed. Though I would always take someone who can match the characters personality spot on and look a bit different than them, instead of a spitting image of Chloe Frazer with a different voice but looks like her.

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